There are those precious moments when you are unable to comprehend the meaning of a song. It’s foreign language has a reason for that. Yet, somehow the passion of the music feels Divine. It moves you in such a way, that you wish you were there; right there in the midst of the performance. Blessings are poured from its very sound. It is a pleasure. Furthermore, it serves as a delight for your Spirit. Should you ever stop believing in the power of the human Spirit, just know that it becomes, reborn through the music. Should you ever stop feeling the power of love, just know that it is reborn. It’s reborn and it’s all done through, a song.

The passion and way in which a singer moves the Spirit of a person, ignites that emotional fire. It pushes one into a state of passion and love. There is power in its revival in hope. Such has been a personal experience, when listening to one song, from a legendary Hong Kong artist. Hope always has a way of overcoming any troubles, which arises, during the midst of any storm. There is passion and there is a healing pleasure, from its very birthing.

Feelings: Awakening of Hope’s Tender Love?

Danny Chan