There’s a reason why they call her, Mother Earth; hence on the term, Mother. Nurturer. Caretaker. Healer. Birther. Creator. Speech. Reproduction. Knowledge. The list of her tasks never end. Mother is also a source of beauty, and how it’s connected with the Heavenly realm. Do you not remember the imagery of Madonna and Child?

When comprehending the very nature of Mother, there is this larger than life figure, who commands a particular space, country, and land. She has children, who watch over her. Furthermore, she is part of a legacy of other mothers, who have nourished the space of a particular land. There is something about Mother, her natural realm, and her protection of that natural realm. There’s something about her abundant power and radiance. When she moves, the entire community moves with her. When she sings, the community arrives to hear her sound.

Here we are in Armenian gardens, and one legendary, musical dame has centered herself in the midst of Armenian gardens. The gardens have become acoustics, in the very awakening of her world. Her voice is more than rich. In fact, using such a term would be an understatement for her. On the contrary, she comprehends what it means to use her feminine energies to keep those gardens, alive. There is love in the atmosphere, and she brings musical nutrition of healing into the gardens. Her song is so nutritious, that a person has no choice, but to listen to the remnants of healing; no choice, at all.

The video for the song “Anushik Im Quyrik” is a musical garden of paradise. Centered inside is a late, musical Mother of Armenian landscapes. Flowers and natural vegetation surrounds her. Furthermore, she has made it abundantly known, that she is in a harmonic dance with, Earth. Together, Earth’s acoustics and her voice are interlocked. They are moving through a harmonic beat. There is nothing, which can divide or break up such a beat.

When musical Mother sings in the video, there is a lot elegant tenderness of her light. Through some way, she reassures listeners, and passersby, that she is a reflection (and personification) of Mother Earth. She moves through certain dynamics. Evenmore, her vocal performance is inviting others nearby, to be part of the magic. There is a fascinating, musical spice, which is being spread throughout the gardens, and others are invited to come. Her voice is reminiscent of a bottle of champagne glasses ?, which have been taken out for the day’s enjoyment. Evenmore, one begins to experience the vibe of elegant, musical movement. The clarity within her voice brings out the purity of wine. For that, one is granted with the perfection of music serenity, at the highest form. If you have not felt her healing remedies, you will feel them, very soon. And, like fine wine, they will cleanse out every part of your auditory, in that you will feel, renewed.

Now, you are safe in the gardens; her Armenian gardens to be, exact. When it is all said and done, you have found where you belong. For not only has Mother spoken, but she has sung. Should you ever get lost on your journey, you can always return to the gardens. As during that time, your Spirit will feel regenerated and restored.

There are different reasons for returning back to Mother’s gardens. Some do it for the purposes of getting incite and inspiration. Others do it for the sole purpose of finding stability in a chaotic world. Whatever the reason may be, they have returned to the garden, and one’s awareness, musical tapestry, and healing power has been, restored! Mother has spoken. Now, listen to her, song!

Valyan Samvelyan