My brother introduced me to Thrive — he’s pretty involved in the Muskegon community and let me know about the Challenge. Throughout my life, I’ve found it difficult to stick to an exercise routine. So I made the Better Choice to move my body every day. My friend told me about Fit Body Boot Camp. At first, I wasn’t sure if it would work. When I exercise, I like to do it outside, and I thought it would be difficult with my kids around. But now it’s something I look forward to. My kids like to get involved sometimes and I’m feeling stronger. I’m also incorporating more fruit and green smoothies into my diet. Now I’ll grab fruit as a snack instead of chips or pretzels. 

  • With meal prepping, I’m saving about $50 a week.
  • Along with bike rides, walks, and jogs, I’m doing Fit Body Boot Camp at least three times a week.
  • I’m making sure to get enough sleep to support my mental health.
  • Since starting Thrive, I’m feeling more patient with my kids.

My family and I have started mountain biking. My husband and I got a seat for our 4-year-old that attaches to my bike, and she thinks it’s so fun. It’s a great way to get out as a family and let my 6-year-old burn off some energy. I hope my habits will rub off on my kids and stick with them for the long term. My kids are starting to notice when they aren’t eating healthy enough and they’ll actually ask for vegetables, which makes me feel very proud. Since starting my Thrive Challenge, I’ve also taken up journaling. I hope to continue doing it; journaling helps to keep me on track and gives me a space to reflect on how I’m exercising and what I’m eating. Don’t compare your journey to others; everybody is different. Celebrate your own small goals and don’t give up!