I first heard about the Thrive Challenge from my friend, who is the race director of the Seaway Run. I logged into the app and saw healthy recipes and Muskegon-based content. I didn’t set any major goals, but looked at it as a way to be mindful of what I was doing every day. I’m walking to work when I can and getting in extra steps by walking my dogs. I’m cooking from scratch, often using my Instapot to make chicken, rice, and veggies. Sunday is my meal prep day. I’ve cut out sweets and have the willpower to say no. I turn off my phone at a certain hour to make sure I’m not glued to it all day. I check in with my family on the weekends to see how they are doing and encourage them to get outside and walk their dogs.  

  • Now that I’m meal prepping, I’m saving up to $50 a week.
  • Since I have been home, I’m cooking dinner every night.
  • I’m going for runs four or five times each week.
  • I want to encourage my dad to live a more active lifestyle.

I was already a runner, and now my biggest accomplishment has been doing core work and stretching to supplement my runs. I do pilates and spend half an hour stretching. Before coronavirus, my husband and I used to meet with co-workers at the gym to work out together, and I’d meet with a running group every Wednesday. Now we are staying connected over Strava. I’m hoping to start biking soon. Even on my rest days, I try to do something. 

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