I started exercising again in March, which is when I also came upon the Thrive Challenge. I thought it would help me hold myself accountable. I’ve been exercising for four months now and I’ve been losing weight. My goal is to get back to where I was 10 years ago — I lost a lot of weight, but when I was within 20 pounds of my goal, I put it back on. I was participating in a weight loss program that was not realistic or sustainable. Now, with Thrive, I’m consistently exercising and tracking my food. Some days I’ll go for a walk and a run. Exercise is the number one thing that has helped me. 

  • Since I started exercising again, I’ve lost about 40 pounds and my hips are moving better.
  • I’m using a Couch to 5K app and running 2.5 miles several times a week.
  • With Thrive, I’m feeling more energized and upbeat.
  • Going forward, I’m looking to improve my relationship with my family. 

My family has a history of heart disease and diabetes. I’m making better food choices for my physical health, so I can live a long time for my children. I track what I eat in MyFitnessPal and eat smaller portions. I have a major sweet tooth, but I’ve found ways to cut back my sugar intake. I drink water instead of soda, and I drink sparkling flavored water when I have a craving for something sweet. I’m also not depriving myself. If I want ice cream, I’ll get ice cream, but instead of a large vanilla cone, I get a baby cone! I finally got to a point in my life where I stopped making excuses for being overweight. I realized the longer I put this off, the harder it will be to lose the weight. If you have a bad day with the Thrive Challenge, that’s OK — we all do. Just keep going.