I first heard about Thrive from a flyer my supervisor passed out at work. When my work partner and I saw it, we knew we had to get into it! We enjoy challenging each other and feeding off each other’s energy. We’re doing it together. I had already been focusing on my fitness, but my son, who is a wellness coach and trainer, told me you can’t out-exercise bad eating. I make smoothies every day for breakfast with fresh fruit, and sometimes I pair it with an egg. A big step has been cutting out sugar and starches and focusing on a plant-based diet with some chicken and fish. I’m drinking lots of water, too — so much so that I actually crave it! I plan meals on Saturdays and cook on Sundays, which makes the rest of the week a breeze and stress-free. My son inspires me to exercise and I’ve shown him that there’s more to wellness than the food and fitness components — family is a part of it, too.

  • Now that I’m eating right and exercising regularly, I’ve lost almost 20 pounds.
  • I’ve increased my daily step goal from 7K to 10K; in July, I’m hoping to get up to 12K!
  • Since starting this journey, I’m sleeping great and getting eight hours each night.
  • Going forward, I want to save and spend smarter to give back to my grandchildren.

I feel healthier, not just because my clothes fit better, but my self-confidence is up, too. I work with kids and they’ve been telling me, “Mr. Rick, you’re losing weight!” I love that I’m able to share my ideas and healthy choices with them. For a while, I was settling. I’m in my 60s and I thought as I got older, I would slow down. But after starting the Thrive journey and seeing other peoples’ stories, I had a wake-up call. I’ve realized I don’t have to give in to old age and can keep improving. This has changed my life. 

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