Money is always a hot topic, and for good reason! Money has the ability to empower, free, and create ease in life when it’s not being energetically shamed, resisted, or hoarded. While it’s true that there isn’t a magic wand to wave around and create the money you wish for overnight (although wouldn’t that be nice!) it is true that you can manifest the desired amount in a quicker time span.

What took me from struggling psychotherapist to now multimillion-dollar CEO was discovering the secret to money. The secret that unlocked limitless opportunities for me and provided me with a sense of stability and security that no number in my bank account could replicate.

Are you ready for the big secret?!

Money is currency, and currency is energy… and therefore money is just energy.

And energy is something that we have the power to control. How we talk about, perceive, spend, earn, and desire money is exactly how it will energetically appear in our lives.

Once I learned this secret, I was able to release all the ways in which I was subconsciously holding myself stuck in financial disasters. I no longer had to wait years to call in the money I wanted, remain dependent on money’s terms, or hold myself in the belief that money could only come from one source.

I want this financial freedom for you, too, so I am sharing my six-part action plan that is sure to unlock energetic financial blocks and bring you success!

  1. Get clear on your desires. Mindset is a powerful tool. There’s a reason that visualization techniques have been used with some of the world’s highest performers. When you can envision your desires clearly and believe whole-heartedly in them, it designs a sense of not only possibility but reality. Remember, energy flows where the mind goes (and we’ve already established money is just that- energy).
  2. Don’t make your desires wrong. Often we want a certain amount of money, but then feel guilty about it. When we feel guilty about our own desires, we energetically put up a shield that blocks that amount of money from coming our way. By subconsciously saying that we don’t think we’re worthy, we put out the energy that we don’t actually want it! It’s important to be confident and grounded in your desires so that you can position yourself as open to receiving.
  3. How. Now that you are clear on your financial desires, start asking yourself the question, “how can I make this money?” By asking this important question, you are putting out the energy that you are open to receiving new opportunities. However, don’t become too fixated on the logistics, just simply ask and remain open.
  4. Create a plan. Once you ask how and assess where you can take action, create a plan. This plan will become your roadmap of what you need to do to get yourself from where you are to where you want to be. 
  5. Take action on your plan. Now that the plan is designed and on paper, take action….courageously. Remember, the plan won’t work if you are doubting it!
  6. Gratefully receive.  After successfully mastering steps 1-5, make sure you don’t take yourself out of the game with this final step. Receiving the money (you know, the destination you desired) is sometimes the most challenging step for some to take because of their previous money wounds. Recite a mantra to heal the way you receive like, “I am worthy of this money. I am open to receiving what I desire.” Stating similar mantras repeatedly will help you reprogram your mindset to receive effortlessly.

Now that you have made yourself an energetic match for your financial desires, be open to living a fabulous life! Say goodbye to the “I can’t because I can’t afford it” default mode you’ve been living in and start saying hello to living life on your terms! By unapologetically showing up for yourself and your dreams, you model to others what’s also possible for them. Happy manifesting!