I’ve got to be honest…

I’ve never found glory in hard work, working hard, or sacrifice. I’ve worked hard and took the path of most resistance many times in my life, but it sucked and deep down I knew I was acting out others’ ideas of what life’s supposed to look like.

I think it is the silliest concept man ever created…

Let’s kill ourselves to live.

That lifestyle is fine for some, just not for me.

I Shamelessly Desire Ease

I demonstrated struggle for my daughters. I taught them life needs to be hard and stressful. Now I’m showing them that only people who believe they need to struggle in life, struggle in life.

I guess I’m lazier than that and I want to enjoy ALL of life without sacrifice.

Sure, there are challenges in life, but challenges do not need to be strugglicious. There are easier ways to overcome challenges. I immediately ask myself “who can help me with this?”

And it took me a while to be shameless about my desire for ease. It’s quite a radical shift from the “ways of the world.”

I hear, see, and listen to people glorify hard work like it deserves a place of elevation in our society.

I can applaud someone else for wanting to sacrifice themselves for a lifestyle or out of obligation to something greater than themselves… if that’s what they really want.

We Can Have It All

I prefer and believe I can have ease AND the entire lifestyle I want.

And because that’s what I look to create…

It’s unfolding before me.

You’ll find in the world what you believe and admire and glorify.

You can believe in and admire and glorify hard work and sacrifice…

Just don’t shame others for believing in and admiring and glorifying ease and wealth without the inconvenience of struggling, stress, and sacrifice.