There is something magical, when a man goes into his inner core. Gearing himself into periods of alone time; bringing clarification to matters of the heart. Its a period of love’s assessment! Will a man tell the truth to get back the woman he loves? Sometimes, that question (and the actions behind it), requires a man to go through a period of solitude, in his journey to re-capture the heart of one woman.

Listening to the poetry of “Myself,” by R&B singer, songwriter, musician, DJ, and producer, Ty Dolla Sign, listeners receive a taste of this emotional solitude. A lyrical diary in finding completion with one woman. Dismissing prevalent notions, that a man needs to have different women for feelings of wholeness. The intensity, emotional release, and storytelling in this song is magnanimous! Precious and intimate in a his ability to recognize that emotional amd spiritual wellness is far more nutritious than temporary satisfactions of the physical.

The words are captivating and straightforward. Stimulating emotional textures of urban fantastical reality, the song voices the inner pain of losing someone. There is great regret, and stilled longing. Selfishness. Mistakes committed. A yearning to showcase joy, in spreading abundance with a woman he has lost. His desire to convey what he should have discussed, when he was with her. When it was just him and her. When they had found the comforts of solitude, together! Now, its just him. And, he has to grapple with this issue, alone. That, however, doesn’t mean he has gone on a mental, emotional, and spiritual hiatus from, her. The world? Yes! But, not her. In fact, this isolation is for them. This special world is of them. And, in order to re-kindle this sacred vibe, he must return to that, special place! Because only there will he have any chance of getting her back. No matter how minute, it may be.


The woman that the orator speaks to, clearly is not there with him. Yet, she hears him. She is with someone else, but she hears, him. His tonality is unusual. She has not heard this side of him, before. And yet, her ears are open. She wants to listen to what he has to say. In this time, she will, listen. Why did it take her not being there, for him to reveal his authenticity?

Why is she not there in order to hear his truth?

The vulnerability articulated in Ty Dolla’ Sign’s voice is beautiful. The texture of his feelings indicates, that he has been released from chains of emotional bondage. Its not about who did what. Its not about who was wrong or right. “She’s not here.” So, how can this be fixed? How can he get her to enter this space with him, again?


The background music of the song is reminescent of the Universe. Closing your eyes, you imagine it as a collection of silkened movement; re-creating anything in its path. Healing anything needing to be restored. Ty Dolla’ Sign’s vocality has a peculiar richness. Its very Earthly, with a caramel coloring. Highlighting the urban arena, as a wonder of adventurous mystery. Contextualizing another image, of its being, where it is a haven of poetic therapy. All, in spite of the challenges, thrust by its very existence. This collaboration composes the urban sector, as a site of romantic and literary richness. A presentation of Universal aesthetics. The lyrics of the song are telling. Designed to feel the sincerety, of what’s being, said.

“I’m getting tired of, all these all nighters that I, don’t want to sleep. cause,’ all that I see is us

“All that I see is us again, in love, again. . .

The fact that this story details a man, awakened in nighttime, means that he has made a spiritual and emotional connection with, the night. He clearly has exercised his mental psyche to imagine the divinity of love. Sharing and performing that divine energy, with a special woman once, in his life. Even in periods of worry and restlessness, he continues to feel the euphoria of being part of that world. A place where real love cannot be faked or imitated. Either its real or it isn’t. Since she is not with him, in a physical sense, he must reach out to heavenly nights. That aura of togetherness. Even if she is with “somebody else,” she can still hear him in night’s calling. Isn’t that magical? Isn’t love, Divine?


“You should level with me, I’mma level up You should level with me, I’mma level up. . .”

Ah! The final saying of the song. Simplistic and carrying significant depth. As these final words of the love letter echo themselves away into the invisible, you feel a greater, Universal power. So profound that you can’t really explain it. You can only feel its linger. Giving you a taste of spiritual pleasures for the natural being. For it represents ascension. The willingness to take someone with you, to higher ground.

On another level, the song illustrates the humanity of Black American men, in their culture. Their R&B, Hip Hop, and other cultural, musical and poetic art forms. Housed and birthed in Black America’s gardens. That in these perfumes, they can be human and vulnerable, for toxicity’s release. No longer presented as the Black, male studs of US soiling, who need to have the approval and satisfaction of multiple women; resulting in the draining of their spiritual and emotional energy sectors. Nor a “violent” entity, needing to be tamed, through faux expressions of praise, idolatry, and material possessions. No. In this song, they are human beings, who love. Loving deeply and unashamed to re-claim that love, when it has been lost. When they are separated, but together in that special place.

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Time will do the telling of their being together, again. Until moment’s memory, he can retreat to solitude’s allure, where she always hears him. Being united with her, while dreaming by. . .himself.