Being an adult, I’ve had constantly been busy with my working schedules. I have a younger brother who is dependent on me. I need to look after him as I’m the only one to do that. 

Being held up with my busy working schedules left me with no time to care for my well-being and my brother. He went to school, and I never asked him what had been going on there. He was in kindergarten at that time. 

Once I was explicitly invited by his teacher to the meeting. Although I had no time to skip my freelancing work as most of the deadlines were near, I had to leave all of that and attend the meeting. 

When I went there, I was informed about my brother’s non-tolerating and depressing behaviour in his classroom. His teacher told me he never responds to any of his queries neither does he participate in any game. 

That was the day I was devastated because I ended up thinking it was all my fault. I didn’t have the time to look after my brother and nourish him. That’s the reason behind his surprising behaviour.

Talking of myself, my skin went pale and filled with acne and scars. I never thought of consulting a doctor. I used to think it was like this just because I didn’t have the time to apply too many creams or get expensive facials done. 

I finally got time one day because I completed and submitted all my work within the given deadline to my clients. So, I went to a skin specialist. He told me that my skin issues weren’t because I had not applied any masks or got any facials. He framed a couple of points in front of me and said those were why my skin had not been staying well. 

His points completed stated that it was my hectic working schedule that was stressing me out. That stress resulted in the erratic behaviour of my skin. He said the exercises that I left because of my work also played a significant role in maintaining my mental health and physical well being. 

The most depressing thing I heard was that if I continued to work with my irresponsible behaviour towards my internal health, I would start to face more and more issues about my health as time went by. 

As far as my freelancing work was concerned, it was the only thing that helped me manage my finances and avoid any financial crisis. However, after a lot of time thinking about both my brother’s behaviour and the continuous downfall of my well being. I decided to reduce my workload and set a complete manageable routine for me.

What Helped Me in Coping up With This Stress:

After putting off most of my different projects, I started taking only high paying clients who paid me according to my worth. 

While signing contracts with my customers, I started setting clear and strict terms about my working hours. I reduced my working hours to 4-5 hours per day. I also begin taking breaks on Sundays.

I started doing mental exercises and physical exercises to keep myself physically and mentally fit and healthy. 

Every Sunday, I now take my brother on long walks with me. The fresh air and scenes of natural beauty help in opening up his mind. I decided that Sundays are going to be only committed to my brother and me. I now play with him and share different fictional and non-fictional stories to keep him happy and active.

When I finally managed to reduce my working hours, I nourished my brother in a way that he deserved and got all my strength and physical fitness back to maintain my well-being. 

These steps helped me maintain my health, release my stress, and improve my brother’s progress and functional activities in his school and daily environment.  

These were the small changes in my busy, hectic schedule that led me to considerable improvements in my life.

What You Should Consider to Take Maintain Your Well-Being and Work:

Well, I’ve compiled a couple of core objectives and points that you all can consider if you’re going through the same trauma that I’ve been through:

  1. Set a proper working schedule by deciding the hours that you’ll want to work in.
  2. Do physical and mental exercises daily to protect yourself from being stressed out or getting depressed.
  3. Take a healthy and proper diet to maintain your physical health.
  4. If you’ve got anyone else you need to look after, make sure you provide them with all their needs and necessities.

Concluding the Thoughts!

I shared my personal story with you guys in this post. All I’ll recommend you is to do anything and everything that brings you mental peace. Please don’t overstress yourself to earn some extra bucks. Instead, know your worth and find people who value your work. The world is full of people who respect people’s time and mental well being. So go and hunt those clients to make your and your loved one’s life healthy and beautiful