Springtime is here. Fresh flowers. A time for spring cleaning. Airing out the old and bringing in the new and fresh.

For some of us, it brings up the feeling of being ready to conquer the world.

For others, it brings out a sense of fear, of wanting to hold on to the old and not open oneself up for the possibilities.

Generally, I have multiple projects going on at any given point of time and I end up multitasking. Focus and priority management becomes an issue when urgent and important tasks collide.

I would not say ‘no’ and take on various projects and then end up burning the midnight oil to get the urgent tasks done and juggle things around.

That has also led me to start many projects and kind of not push past the finish line for some of them or delay their finish.

It was like being on the proverbial hamster’s wheel and running round and round but not getting anywhere. I got to the point of overwhelm.

And then, January 2021, I decided to focus on change and learning. I started focusing on how I can let go of the old patterns and habits and learn new and better ways of doing things.

I gave myself permission to work on myself first, so that I can help others. To reimagine my work, so that I can make more of difference and add value to others around me.

Since January, I have attended various webinars, courses and coaching programs to get my fundamentals and a solid plan in place.

I have been working on my business plan for 2021-22. I have started working out my top 3 tasks for each week and focus on getting them done. I have identified and am handcrafting the transformational projects that I want to produce and the kind of people I want to work with.

I am in the chrysalis phase of my butterfly cycle. I can focus on creation of new content, reimagine, rethink, and reinvent how I want my world to be.

It is messy, gooey and difficult in my cocoon period right now, but I know that tomorrow will be a better day and I will solidify my wings and soar. Ready to take that leap of faith and make a fresh start!

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