I was six years old when I realized my older brothers did not hate me. Aaron, William and I just finished eating pizza when Aaron had a great idea.

“Space command to Red leader,” Aaron said.

Red leader here,” William responded, swallowing his last bite.

“It’s time to land on the lower planet,” Aaron said with a nod. They jumped up, took hold of their Lego’s and ran into the basement.

“Wait for me…” I said, being left behind. I heard their groans as I followed them into the basement.

“Jessica, you should find your own corner to build,” Aaron suggested giving me a push in William’s direction. When I reached William working on his base, I was pointed off to another corner. Drifting to the corner next to my dad’s bench press, I started to design my own foundation.

The boys role-played with their Lego figures and made their armies proceed into brawls. I decided that I needed to build my base on the higher ground. I used one of the weights on the floor to place my base on top of. Unfortunately, it wasn’t tall enough for me. Standing, I saw weights on the bar that lay across the bench press. Not understanding the laws of gravity, I took a couple of the heavier weights off one side of the bar.

“These will do,” I said to myself. The moment I let go of that bar, it sprang upwards, dropping the weights on the other side to the floor, and smacked me in the jaw. It then bounced down to the ground rolling around with the weights. From shock and pain from my jaw, I dropped the weights I held onto my sock-covered foot. It was not long before the waterworks burst out.

“Jess!” The boys ran over and Aaron immediately saw the weights on my foot, which I could not for the life of me get off. He took them off while William looked at my jaw and foot to see if either was broken. They both decided I was fine.

“I want my MOMMY!” I cried out loudly as they took me upstairs, hoping it might bring her home faster. We went to my parents’ bedroom and I laid on the water-bed, it is my favorite place to be. They both figured the scent of my mother would help.

“Hey Jess, remember when I fell off the swing and landed flat on my face?” William said trying to make me laugh to keep my mind off my foot; for a while, it worked. Of course, I made sure to sniffle as much as I could to keep the attention on me, but Aaron saw right through it.

“I don’t know about you, Will, but I want some ice cream,” Aaron said to William, with a little wink.

“Yeah, me too,” William replied heading to the door. They stopped and looked back at me, “Well Jess, do you want ice cream?”

“I guess so,” I said in a sour voice.

“Last one there’s a rotten egg!” Aaron shouted sprinting down the hallway. I jumped up from the bed racing after them. Aaron scooped the ice cream and we went into the living room. We all swore, for fear of being punished, not to say anything to our parents when they returned home.