Recently I attended my company’s global conference. I was excited for the few days of hanging out with my friends, learning new techniques, and meeting new people. I’m a pretty outgoing person, I’m great at my job, but I felt like I was in a race and getting nowhere. Something was missing, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. 

The conference was full of monotone speakers, business executives who didn’t really know how to connect with the mid-level employees. The weekend came to a close and we had one last event to attend. I was so tired and not looking forward to platitudes and “I can do it!” chants. Admittingly I have never attended a motivational speaking event before, my entire reference point was based on movies. 

My co-workers from all over the globe, and I sat in this huge venue, looking at our phones and chatting. The lights turned down and there he was… immediately he made all of us laugh. Oh… this wasn’t what I expected. I was hooked on every word.

His name is Steve Maraboli, and he did more for my mindset, work ethic, attitude, and self-worth than any previous speakers, books, or podcasts had in the past. 

“Your agreement with reality defines your life.” – he said. Those 7 words have changed my life, personally and professionally. 

The examples he gave were profound. He told stories about his United States Air Force Military experiences (the image of squeezing a lion by its balls will forever be ingrained in my mind LOL – I found the story here if you want to read it online, although him telling it on stage is much more profound and hilarious).

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If you’re wondering if you should hire a keynote speaker, take it from me, yes yes yes.

  1. Not only am I empowered personally, I’m empowered professionally. 
  2. I stepped up my game and I’m close to FINALLY receiving that promotion. 
  3. I got out of my head! And now I have the tools to continue to think outside the box. 
  4. My co-workers and I have this different kind of mentality… we’re more team-oriented. 

Thought I’m writing this some-what anonymously… I am forever grateful for my CEO’s decision to bring on Steve Maraboli. Did they know that it would change my life?