I feel absolutely stoked and humbled to have spent a little time with a Buddhist Lama, he has been a monk since the age of ten, we spent long hours into the night drinking Raki, (well I did) clear like vodka or gin, tasting somewhat like Japanese sake.

We exchanged thoughts and cried about his fleeing the oppressive regime in his country, crossing the Himalayas on foot into India, at times huddling together with 6 of his buddies standing up in freezing conditions to sleep, they all didn’t make it….oh what a tale of extreme determination sadness and great joy.

They have an expression to explain their journeys…

‘When the iron bird flies and the horses are on the run, the Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the face of the earth.’

I had traveled a hard road and was pissing blood for a week, but you know what being part of his story it seemed nothing, he does enjoy a good debate…..there was a magical feeling, a fleeting moment realising that a big dose of synchronicity was at work here, it made me feel as though there was an incredible power working tirelessly sending me a message to stay put, stay on track, a wonderful feeling of support and nurture to keep me on-path.

What I would like to ask you is…

Do you ever feel the universe is trying to wake and shake you up and trying to send you a message?

Learning to hear, understand and most importantly accept and respond to your inner voice in all its guises, is the very essence of spirituality, and is the foundation for living a truly enchanted life.

These synchronistic moments often feel like a gift, giving us a deep sense that we are exactly where we need to be, if we allow it.

But hang-on wait a minute here is the kicker…what if we’re feeling lost or unsupported in our lives? What if we’re asking the questions but not receiving the answers? Universal magic has up and gone when we really need it…come on!..

What is amazing, this magic is always there for the asking. It’s just a question of learning how to recognize it, read the moments and receive it.

The universe speaks to us all the time, in the form of tiny little life experiences, not just those big defining ones, yes, more often than not, the sacred guidance we seek is placed gently in front of us on our road to success with small and fragile moments, easily overlooked or just not noticed…..use it or lose it…

To tune into this “language of the universe,” we must attune our body and our mind to the natural flow of our inner-energy and our relationship we have with this world. In doing so, we unlock with ease and abundance that is available to us in every single endeavour.

Remember, the universe always provides us with exactly what we need for our highest personal growth in that moment. If you aren’t ready to take it on, to receive ……..you won’t.

Cultivating a greater capacity to receive;.. means having to dig deep into our courage and confidence, to accept vulnerability, fear, doubt, to face all and any of the possibilities life might throw at us in the present, with an open heart and absolute trust in ourselves, its what’s being called for at this time in our growth, even if we don’t want it.

Acceptance to Receive…

Giving and receiving go hand in hand, what is important is to understand those formed and furrowed ingrained paths of possible answers, that leave us resistant to any kind of giving and receiving, don’t underestimate the power of receiving for any kind of personal growth experience.

Many of us are pretty crap at just saying “I Love You” for no reason, the truth is, many of us “Lack” the giving and “Fear” the receiving, and we fight it..?

Synchronicities of personal growth….. our imagination and our reality are reflections of one another.

One of the most common questions asked when working with universal sacred messages is, “Yeah how do I know if it’s real, or “Yeah it’s just my imagination?” (feel a song coming on)

The answer is simple… Everything you are presented with — whether it’s logically tangible, or ridiculously abstract — has meaning. Sometimes it’s overt, and sometimes it’s vague.

The language of the universe is Mathematics & Physics…if you want the answer to be of logical & rational order…..

The fact that we are all made of stardust reveals physics is the most fundamental of all sciences. Moreover, the essence of this fundamentalism can be explained that we are a group of atoms trying to understand the nature of these atoms.

If you’re looking for an emotional/spiritual answer, I’d say “Love’ is the language of the universe. Life is fragile here; we may not ever find it anywhere else in the universe.

Love can bind people, no matter by how much distance they are separated.

It is the most potent power….

When we allow ourselves to deeply feel and believe what is being presented to us, the signs become clearer and more compelling, and we further strengthen our ability to intuit them.

Learning to hear, understand and respond to our inner voice is, in many ways, is the very essence of our spirituality – truly the foundation for living a better version of one’s life.

Shared Knowledge…