before the concert.

I’m playing clarinet from my second grade of elementary school. I went to the music school. As I have so little fingers i started playing with small Es Clarinet. Then i went for six years in local music elementary school. I finished it and then I started to play in an marching orchestra Gorje. I went in middle Technical school Jesenice. We used to have concerts and we played during weekends. During week we used to have rehearsals. Than i did go to study out of my town in Ljubljana. It is so much kilometers to travel from Ljubljana to my home town. That is why decided to stop playing by orchestra. My mom and my sister was not agreed with my decision, my brother said that is the right decision.

Last year I went to work and getting the experience abroad (part 1, part 2 and part 3). I stop playing clarinet, but i start to play the guitar. I learn guitar on my own, i played along over youtube lectures, online are quite a lot free guitar lessons, i bought few books of hymnals and i went to few concerts in Slovenia and abroad.

After the experience abroad i came back home and start to search for a hobby. I need a hobby and I had a conversation with mom, and she said that she will buy me lunch if i started to play in a marching orchestra. I agreed. I went to rehearsal of marching orchestra festival room and talk with the president of marching orchestra, which is my ex school mate. He said come along on the next rehearsal and be on time, we start at seven o’clock sharp.

I start rehearse every day and getting ready for the first concert. After one rehearsal president come to me and said, that i can play at new year concert that will be held soon. Well, it is only after three weeks of rehearsal in the orchestra.

National costume

I try this costume that im wearing at the new year concert. i went to rehearsal and then talk with a lady and she said, you have to come at concert dressed in a national costume. I try jerharce, that are costum slovenien pants, all man are wearing in Slovenia. I dress one XL jerharce, that was to big and than i try S, that was to small. I thought that i’ll play withouth using jerharce, that i wear ordinary pants. And then i try the right one, the one thats not suit but it is acceptable. Than i try lajb’č, that is i jacket that is typical for national costume. There was quite a few, and i took one. It is broun color and not black. Than i get to small head. there is carnation on it.


We start to play the first song.

i start to play clarinet as much with my hearth and not by my head. And there was our conductor, which look pleased with our the music. And the was a lot of my thoughts along the music.  

The announcer introduced me: “Back in marching orchestra after 13 years, mr. Anton.” I stood up, bowed and sit back. I hear the audience clapping. I was nervous. I didn’t know what to do so i did not do nothing.

Now is Christmas time, as such we played christmas song titled Christmas festival. Among our members we have youngest members, young clarinetist played solo and young trumpeters play Christmas songs.

We played the songs of Strauss, which is titled Do you know Strauss? The audience was madly clapping.

We played the song of Glenn Miller, which are the best of .. of Glenn Miller orchestra. The audience was clapping.

Then we played our national songs of Mr. Avsenik, where our conductor sing along. He sang half the song and the audience sang. And then we play Na golici from Avsenik, the most played song in the world. We played it as a last song.

The concert is over.