I am married with two beautiful children, ages 2 and 5. My wife and I have a great relationship that is both healthy and steady. I am a Life Coach who helps others regain happiness back into their lives.

My education stems out from Simon Fraser University where I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences. The program draws upon the biological, social, behavioural, and policy sciences, and focuses on the determinants of health, health promotion, disease prevention, health care systems, health policy, and health technology.

For activities, I enjoy working out at the gym and going for long walks. My good physical health is complimented by a healthy nutritional diet which allows me to stay fit. Life has its challenges, but my mind stays positive and well balanced. I genuinely enjoy living every day and just being myself.

I was not always this way. Many years ago, I found myself hopeless, broken and all alone. My wife and son had left me, I had lost my business (Home Care Agency), I was in a financial crisis and I was seriously sick, both spiritually and mentally. The worst part of all was that I searched for a solution in alcohol as opposed to seeking professional help. As a result, things got worst. My mind was kept preoccupied and blind from the truth. The truth was that my life was becoming unmanageable and that I was dying from the inside out. As my problems continued to pile up, so did my drinking. At the end, my solution of alcohol had failed me utterly and I was absolutely hopeless. I had stopped fighting life and accepted complete defeat and at that very moment, I asked for help. Once I received the help, my life got better, and has only improved since.

In receiving help, I learnt the truth of my mental state. My mind was in full flight from reality and would not stop thinking. My thoughts were never focused on the present day. They were always in the future, which aroused fear and anxiety, or in the past, causing me to be depressed or in self-pity.

Most doctors would prescribe medications to help with these types of emotions. While the medications may temporarily fix the problem, the mind still awaits for the day to attack again; the real problems are still lying unfixed.

Through my education and experience, I have learnt that the problem lies deep within the mind. Substance abuse, desires, temptations, obsessions and even emotional attachments act only as temporary solutions; they never fix the real problem. In searching within myself, I have found my root problem to be self-centeredness, fueled by a hundred forms of fear and anger. A program of action helped me to remove these character defects and to live a life better than I’ve ever known before.

I am no longer chasing the fruits of life hoping to one day eat them. Instead, I am eating them every day. As a result of this work, I have found much relief, mental steadiness, strong meaningful relationships, financial security, opportunities, growth, restraint from excessive drinking, absolute fulfillment of the hungry mind and most importantly, spiritual wellness.