I have always had a problem with congestion and constant sneezing. It became a part of my daily routine so I didn’t think much of it.

Last year I went in to see if my wisdom teeth should be removed but the dentist discovered dark blobs in my nasal area and thought a doctor should check it out so we had a doctor look at. There I was diagnosed with polyps.

Unfortunately, my college schedule interfered with the surgery because of the many doctors’ visits I would have to go to. Since the surgery two weeks ago, I have already had two post-op appointments.

The day of the surgery I was surprisingly not nervous. My parents and I went to the hospital and I was hooked up to the IV and put to sleep. The surgery took about an hour and I was discharged not long after because of how well the surgery well.

The days following the surgery I had to have a bandage on my nose and blood would gush out anytime I looked down. Since then the blood has mostly subsided except for the occasional drip every now and then.

There was no bruising and there no pain which I am thankful for and is usually not the norm.

For anybody else who has to go through this, just know that you got this. I didn’t know what to expect but I hope that now that it is over, I’ll be able to breathe better and that I won’t be as congested as I normally was.

My surgery well great and now I’m ready to relax and let the healing process commence.