Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

Warming up your winter nights and getting better sleep doesn’t have to be complicated. I don’t know about you, but for me, if I’m cold, I can’t get comfortable, nor fall asleep. I find myself tossing and turning and huddling under the blankets unless I’ve taken the proper time to wind down.

It’s all about creating a setting that promotes restfulness. Unplug yourself from the world, your phone, give yourself a little me time about an hour or so before you tuck yourself in. First, set a cozy ambiance by lighting a few candles, get a big fleece or knitted blanket and toss it on the sofa to wrap yourself up in, then make yourself a mug of hot chocolate or sip a favorite cup of tea with honey. Another idea is to get an adorable draft catcher such as a snowman or Santa and place it in front of your door inside, you can even use a rolled-up towel if you are in a pinch, but it will keep the cold air out.

Make your bedroom a cozy den. Thermal backed drapes are a great idea, and also block out drafts. Purchase a set of flannel sheets or invest in a real duck down comforter; when the snow begins to fly, I promise, you won’t even notice, you’ll be dreaming away.

If you can, think about charging your devices in the kitchen instead of keeping them by your bedside and avoid blue light right before turning off the lights. I’ve set up a personal curfew for myself and all devices get switched off at 10 pm if not before. I know it isn’t always possible to do this, but the less time we spend scrolling, the more time we will spend getting quality snooze time in.

Lessen the stress , and settle in for a warm, winter’s night rest.