Certainly, like me, you spent a wonderful New Year Eve and welcomed the year 2020 with high hopes. I am sure you had a long to-do-list in your notepad which included all the things that were to be achieved in 2020. But, 2020 had something else planned for us.

2020 brought us something we never even imagined experiencing. COVID-19 surely altered all our plans. Media channels started talking about Corona Virus. Whenever I tuned into new channels I heard about the rapid spread of the virus in China. It did not concern me much as it was not about my country.

Suddenly, the deadly virus started causing deaths in China. The toll was higher with every passing day. The virus began to affect other countries along with China. Within no time Corona Virus was all world and over media channels. The toll of people affected and dying both kept rising at an increased rate.

Often, we are not thankful for the things we have in hand. I remember spending the whole January whining why it is not the month passing by. Also, complaining about the heap of work I had to get done in one day. Not just this but also complaining

To put it together there was a terror all around and people sat at their homes. Everyone gave up all sorts of their work to prevent themselves from the virus. But guess who has not given up to date? Frontline Workers.

Frontline Workers, The Real Life Heroes

I remember watching cartoons with Superheroes when I was a kid. Superheroes often intrigued me. My favorite superhero was Superman. I loved how he used his power to save millions of people around. I even wondered if they ever existed for real how simple our lives would be.

In such a pandemic like Corona, I discovered that superheroes do exist for real in the shape of frontline workers. These people do not come with extraordinary powers as Spider-man and Batman did, but they have love and dedication for the whole world.

The doctors, nurses, delivery men, shop workers, teachers, waste collectors, and volunteers all can without a doubt be considered as real-life heroes.

Frontline workers are the backbone of a society. These people least care about them and are concerned about the whole society. Where on one side people fear to step out of their homes, on the other side our frontline staff is giving extra duty fearlessly. Their high employee morale never lets them sit back in the time of crisis. They serve selflessly to the public without expecting anything in return.

The list of frontline workers is long. Let me introduce you to some of those frontline staff who is working:

Doctors and Nurses

Be it any type of disease, like the COVID-19 today, people need a doctor to cure and treat them. So doctors are prone to risks that come along these affected patients. It is completely the doctor’s responsibility to come forward and take the charge. This is not a simple thing to do. The doctors and nurses put themselves in danger and save several lives. They perform their duties even when all other people are on leave.


In emergencies, people still need food to live. So the food stores and supermarkets can never be closed. Even in panic situations, such stores remain open to enable people to buy essentials such as groceries and toiletries.

So shopkeepers like the doctors are never on a leave. They have to perform all tasks from keeping the shelves full to serving customers.

These shopkeepers make sure that we get all that we need even during lockdowns and curfews.


The educational institutions have been closed around the globe but there is no break to studies even when situations like Corona arise. We have the best technology methods to continue learning through e-learning. Teachers play a vital role in ensuring that we get access to learning even from our homes. They spend day and night to prepare presentations to make learning at home simple for us.

Delivery persons

When pandemics like Corona hit the world, people shift to online ways to access everything. Be it shopping, ordering food, or sending a gift, we need delivery men to do that for us. These people put their precious lives at stake and deliver items within no time. They work 24 hours a day and seven days a week to make our lives easier.  


Volunteers voluntarily join the team to assist all these frontline workers on duty. They are not bounded to risk their lives, but they choose to make a difference in the world even if it costs their lives. 

Final Thoughts

These people are no less than Spider-man and Batman. We should all pay tribute and Respect to all the frontline staff who takes responsibility for dedication and hope. Let’s pray that as our real-life heroes get us out of this difficult situation with ease like the heroes in movies did.