My journey is becoming clearer to me each day
my purpose in this lifetime
just knowing why I am here
what I am asked to do
and be on this path
this dream called life
I am great full for

As I have struggled all my life
with not knowing 
as a child
I always asked

not knowing isnt so frightening anymore
the unknown I am told 
God is in

each day
each moment that unfolds and reveals itself to me
is exciting 

It is as if each day 
presented to me at dawn
when I awaken to new possibilities 
is like a gift
waiting for me to open

I sincerely am great full
to be alive

At one time in my life
this was quite the opposite 
I went to sleep
asking to pass into another life
during my sleep
and when I awoke
dread the hours before me

sleep was my goal

to a new life
of possibility 
of opportunity 
of unknowns revealing their purpose 

am I present in
and with

my practice 
I awake
with a smile

I sit in meditation 
in gratitude for the connection in stillness 
to a Divinity within me
great full for this connection 

I breathe into my cells
I visualize them being filled
with this Divine Light
that it
illuminates my path in front of me

I write 5 things I am great full for each morning 
I admit – sometimes its more than 5

I am greatfull for This opportunity 
to share
to give 

one of my purposes
I am grateful to know
what I am here to and able to do

Great full
to be
in this life