When I was in high school, my dreams formed and changed quickly as I searched for a meaningful way to spend my designated time on earth. I was amazed by life’s mysteries and the beauty it offers to us all. Being a mortal human beings and a sensitive child, I developed a prodigious interest in exploring mind, body, and spirit.

Born in a middle-class family, my parents always instructed me to create my own destiny through hard work and devotion. I felt I was a divine child; many things excited and ignited me to explore more about God and his artistic creations. For instance, the vastness of oceans, endless mountain terrains, and the infinite space above our heads scientists call the universe.

According to Ernest Holmes, the great American religious author, “everything in life responds the song of heart”. I have always been a dreamer; I was never afraid to dream big, even though I felt small at times.

Nevertheless, I never wanted to be a teenager who would grow up chasing a vague American or European dream. Meaning? I was different!

I always felt the universe had a hidden higher purpose for me. I always felt like a crusader on a mission to save the world or guiding people towards true salvation. That makes it obvious that my perception of having an ideal life was not limited to my selfish materialistic beliefs.

No doubt, I always needed resources to fulfill my basic needs and to support my family, but, as I reached the stage of maturity, I began to realize why God equipped my heart with tremendous love for human beings and his creatures. No wonder I have an incredible love for my pets (my sweet bunnies, ducks, and quails) that I even changed house to provide them ample space to play and explore.

One night, in my dream, I believe God showed me the purpose of my existence. A life of riches, pleasures, and luxuries might be a dream of millions, but my loving soul gets nourishment from serving other human beings, solving their problems, lending a helping hand.

What does that prove?

You probably might guess I want to be a teacher, or a relationship coach?


That insinuates that I want to live a life that satisfies me in manifold ways:
• Mind and body
• Family and love life
• Work and career
• Finances
• Social service

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper into these points to elaborate.

When you love people and animals and all the beautiful things around you, it changes your soul, your emotions, your feelings beyond imagination. with a passion to serve human beings suffering in silence, I want to embark upon a different journey of transforming lives/businesses for good. I am a natural leader because I embrace and anticipate change. I influence others with my presence; and is something divine, not a self-created blessing.

So, the best way to use my divine gift and charisma to benefit the human race and bring positive change in the world.

Some people think they cannot change the world. what have they got to offer? who are they? They have no power? Let me tell you I am one of those geniuses who think the opposite. How?

I believe in the power of faith, service, and love. I spend 30% of my time learning new skills, tools, technologies to program my mind to become an unstoppable force for good. To me, the ideal life is waking up every day with a purpose. I offer gratitude to God for blessing me with a loving heart and a brilliant mind. I spend the whole day holistically following my goals so I can sleep at night with a smile.

My ideal life would be full of adventure. That will be possible when I enjoy my Saturdays and look forward passionately towards Monday. Each single day passing could take me closer to my goal of becoming a “world-renowned transformational leader”.

My ideal professional life is when I am praised for my talents and contributions than bank balance and looks. I derive happiness from the simplest of things, such as by:
• Kissing a little girl with an innocent smile
• Feeding my pets with my own hands
• Loving and adoring my colleagues instead of despising them
• And becoming a blessing for my neighbors when they feel stuck.

Of course, I would undoubtedly live a legendary life many people think impossible to achieve for a guy born in poverty. I believe even if I have nothing good to share or have zero resources to build a strong career or personality, I can still reach my destination by taking one persistent step daily.