[Marcus]:  Sheila, please share your story, and how you channel THEO?

[Sheila]:  In 1969, I had a near-death experience, which was the catalyst. For me opening doing this work. I had miraculous healing actually in intensive care after having pulmonary embolus. And Jesus stood at the end of my bed. I felt as if I had an elephant sitting on my chest. And I just kept saying, hey, God, give me a job. And then the room the cubicle in intensive care became extremely bright, and Jesus stood there and he smiled at me. And when he did, I heard clairaudiently in my inner mind hearing as we hear our own thoughts, but a very distinct male voice that said, “Remember my child you are loved”. And at that point, I felt as if I could take a deep breath, and I started getting better and after I got out of the hospital and was able to hold the Energy I had all kinds of psychic phenomena happening to me internally, externally, I could hear messages as I heard Jesus’s voice. I then began to trance spontaneously and became a direct voice trance medium. And I’ve been working that way ever since. And THEO came through announcing that they were 12 archangels known collectively as THEO and I’ve been working with hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. And Marcus and I do mentoring programs and we do a lot of teaching and inspire people to use their own intuitive gifts because we really all are psychic. And this is a time we should be using our intuition and our gifts in that way. So, it’s been 50 years of doing this work and teaching many, many people.

[Marcus]:  How is the actual experience of THEO coming into your body?

[Sheila]:  What happens is they’ve always come in on the right side of my body, they come in and take over my neck, my voice and the entirety of my body, and it’s by permission and has become very comfortable over all these years. It’s with the ease and grace that it happens,  and I feel that it’s certainly my privilege, but also my purpose after having that miraculous healing, knowing that this was my work in the world to share THEO’s wisdom with all who have ears to hear. Their wisdom is impeccable.

“–Beginning of channeled Interview with THEO GROUP—“

[THEO]:  We are appreciative of the opportunity to be of service unto to you. You may ask.

[Marcus]:  Do you have any opening messages for Nathalie Virem and her readers?

[THEO]:  This is an exquisite time to be incarnated. The human species on the earthly plane in the fifth-dimensionary energy are experiencing a consciousness shift that has not happened before. The vibrational frequencies aligned now in the fifth dimension allows for the recognition of one’s dynamic Divine mastery. Each and everyone who has chosen to be incarnated now have chosen to be here for this time of change. And out of the chaos of it, all will come order in the highest good of all the human species on this planet.

[Nathalie Virem]:  What should we know about the THEO group.

[THEO]:  We are 12 archangelic teachers, mentors for this shift of consciousness. Being here Now assisting human species. Beings who’ve chosen to incarnate in a human experience on the earthly plane, in the alignment of this frequency but also fully recognizing that the soul is larger than the physical body, that the soul is larger than this one life and that it has been a choice to incarnate purposefully. The purpose that each one seeks in life is an incarnation, and then to express their particular genius and passion in the highest good not only for themselves but for the whole of their species.

[Nathalie Virem]:  What insights can you share with us on what is happening today on our planet?

[THEO]:  Today now we’ve been speaking about the fifth dimensionary energies for many decades. And the culmination that is occurring now when it’s in perfect alignment to this planet is the evolutionary process of consciousness. Awareness that you are global species, that you are a global world, no longer insulated or isolated from one another, but working together in the highest good of the planet and each other. So, what will be witnessed in this time of change is a recognition of your global economic structure and one that will change and that benefits the whole. Political structures changing throughout the world for the old ways do not work. It’s a new way of being. The sciences and the arts bring people together collaboratively, and they will be in leadership to the planet. And these changes are coming as we speak. A new structure if you would, and in that, a recognition, you are collaborative species not competitive, that you assist one another and that you learn from one another. That you can create the world in a way with love that benefits all.

[Nathalie Virem]:  What important messages do you want to share with us?

[THEO]:  So, it is to understand that you’re all Divine master beings. And each and every one of you chose to be on this planet purposefully for the learning of emotions and the sharing with each other while shifting to a higher conscious state. New ways of thinking, laying new neural pathways, relinquishing all belief systems that have been passed along for thousands of years that no longer work. It is now a time of inward change of those who are incarnated. The recognition of the empowerment of the individual, but also recognition as you change and integrate individually you are changing patterns of the past and the future to come. No longer adhering to the old ways of being and thinking and doing. Birthing a new way of being out of the solid-state of unconditional love.

[Nathalie Virem]:  Can you explain to us the new concept of relationships?

[THEO]:  It is a new concept, or paradigm if you would in the psychological speak, of relationships being preferential, not needy. In the past, beings who are attracted to each other to procreate, to take care of each other, the male to take care of the family, the female to be the nurturer as it is. But you have those qualities innate in each and every one of you. The masculine and feminine. And it is in alignment with that within that then seeks externally on a vibrational frequency it’s match. Not from need, for each one of you can care for the Self in all the basic needs. So, in the past, the woundedness of one would be attracted to the woundedness in another with an expectation that if one took care of the other, the other would take care of the other and so on, and so forth which is impossible. What’s necessary is each and every one of you, doing your own integrative work is the recognition of your essence, your Divine Essence. Loving the Self enough. Being the vibrational match out of love to a primary partner. And they too, having done that within themselves make a perfect match, as it did in the old way of need. You see it was a match out of need. Now when one can care for the Self, there is a preferential desire to interact and share, not to fix each other, you see?

[Nathalie Virem]:  Why do sacred relationships exist? And why are they so important?

[THEO]:  To understand your question, first of all, we would say to you, all relationships are sacred, even the most challenging ones. For they’re the ones that allow for the greater growth, yes? However, a soulmate relationship is one where you’re on the same vibrational frequency. So, you are aligned soulfully on that vibration. And those are eternal relationships that you incarnate together many times over in differing roles and experiences: parent to child, workmates, family members, marriages, whatever it might be because you’re learning the experience of human experience. Your soulmate could be your brother, your sister, your lover, your mother, your father. But they’re important to see and most people romanticize them. Know your soulmate could be your biggest challenger as well. When we speak of sacred relationships and friendships, that’s what they are. But yes, there is a vibrational match occurring, as you would speak, to a higher level of relationship or connectivity. And that’s what we’re talking about when you meet your soul family members. For groups incarnate together to support each other’s growth and to share and connect. As you meet a soulmate there is a vibration that happens. A recognition, if you would. And there’s a no doubt in that recognition. If you think about how many people you cross paths within a lifetime, thousands. How many are you truly attracted to? Not many. Correct? Those are the relationships you’re talking about.

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[Nathalie Virem]:  Are they different levels of relationships? For example, soulmates, twin flames, twin rays…?

[THEO]:  You could think of them as levels. A soulmate or constellation is a mate group coming together to support each other’s growth. You don’t always meet right away. You come together at different times of life. In that support system, twin flames, have the same soul vibration (male and female) but they can have different physical structures. We’re talking about energy when we talk about them. We’re not talking about physicality; we’re talking about vibrational energy. In a twin flame relationship if you’re incarnated you will meet and be together as a primary partner. But not always are you incarnated together at the same time, but you’re always connected. The soulmates can be that as well, or family members – good friends that feel like family – they are nuclear family, you might say, not in the sense of physicality or genetics, but energy-wise. Then there are those relationships whom you recognize but they are not on the same vibrational frequency as you. So, you could say they are neighbors in your neighborhood. You might know them, recognize them but there isn’t this vibrational match that there is in soul family.

[Nathalie Virem]:  What’s next for our planet and species?

[THEO]:  What’s coming forward out of this chaos will be order. A new order. And these conspiratorial comments made about being afraid of a new world and beings taking over the populous and all of this, no, nobody can do anything to you that you do not allow. Remember you are Divine Master Beings. You’re in charge, you can give your power away or you can stand in it. And this is a time of standing in your power. Not power in the negative sense, but the power in the sense of well-being, alignment. Some call it an attunement, some could call it enlightenment and awareness, full awareness of Divine Self. That’s what’s evolving here, which changes the whole complexion of how you interact with one another in the sense of structure. So political structures throughout the world will change dramatically now. The chaos that is now is showing that these need to change. That you are global species and that boundaries of countries and states do not count. They’re just imagined boundaries that someone said, “this is mine and this is yours”. But energetically, there’s no boundaries. And you’re all connected, then you know that now with technology – but it’s true, energetically, you can connect heart to heart, mind to mind, soul to soul in an instant, just as you connect to your technology. And just envisioning the individual and envisioning your hearts connected. Soul to Soul communication. So, with that greater awareness that you’re not separate from, it shifts the complexion of how you interact in the world with each other. And just remembering “what would love do?” in any circumstance. And the voice of the people coming together in that realization is greater than anyone that wishes to put it under. And then, there would be a global economic structure, your global economy, a new global economic structure that serves the greater whole will come together not separate from but working together in the highest good of all. Now, there are those who would like that not to happen that want to control but they will not be able to. The energy has become so refined and defined in this fifth-dimensionary energy that empowers this change.

And so, to have the mindset of that is very important. And when one wobbles in the sense of feeling that truth, and that belief, and asks at that moment “are all my needs and desires met at this moment to stay perfectly present?”. Because this too will pass, this chaos will pass and very quickly, it would seem not long-lived. If you think about all the changes that have occurred in these last 100 years, you can see how quickly things change and that will continue and the continuation of your ability to communicate globally with each other in an instant will only expand. And in that is education and connection that reduces fear.

[Nathalie Virem]:  How can we help?

[THEO]:  There’s much you can do including doing your inner work. The chaos in the world that you’re seeing externally is only a reflection of the chaos in each one of you. So, the integrative process that we’ve been talking about for decades, is a process that you could utilize to identify the fragmented aspects of your soul that influence your reactivity to life from the perspective of fear. And when you know who’s reacting to life, you can soothe and comfort them and bring them forward into the present. Not stuck in a story of victimization. You are multi-dimensional beings. So, you talk about past lives and future and past and this and that. Understand it is all existent. There is no time, but that’s a further conversation at a later date. And you can get into physical science and it’s all very interesting to who has that mindset. But importantly you are livers, are you not? Experiences of your human experience of navigating in your human suit, your earth suit, all the beauty of your world. And the exquisiteness of having a physical body is the ability to have feelings, emotions, to touch and be touched, to have tears, to have laughter, to have all those beautiful experiences. Do not avoid uncomfortable feelings. It’s all a part of the exquisite experience of human experience. And knowing that you won’t succumb to them. They’re just to be experienced and to be understood and valued.

[Marcus]:  Could you give us one more message to speak to those right now that are in fear or resistance of what’s happening right now on our planet with regards to the COVID-19.

[THEO]:  Again, It’s like any chaos or chaotic event, or cataclysm event. If you are standing at the crevasse of an earthquake, it would be your cataclysm, wouldn’t it? But not all of you will be standing at the moment of contact with a virus. Is it there? of course, it is, but not everybody will be participating. It is those who are changing and being an example that will experience it for the greater whole of all. To learn from it, to grow the experience of the human experience and the wisdom that comes from the learning of those opportunities and being a gift to the change that comes. So, understand this, if you stay aware, placing an intention of health and loving the body and doing all the things that are necessary for optimum health, that will be met. And asking for the changes that come with the understanding of the change that is needed impacts the whole. So be not in fear. Have a thought of this being a time of great innovation and change externally but internally as well.

“–End of channeled interview with THEO GROUP—“


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