Here is today’s story from one of our subscribers in my “How To Heal From Autoimmune Diseases Without Meds” Summit Series. Let the healing continue!

In 2012 at 43-years-old, my physical body took a nosedive. Exercising one day and unable to keep up with routine the next, this started a merry-go-round of doctors. They would say, “You look good or well, you are only 43 years old!” Over the next five years I tried every supplement, cleanse, acupuncture, Feldenkrais, colonics… the list was endless. Homeopathic and functional practitioners were unable to help. I was labeled with fibromyalgia, cystic fibrosis, autoimmune disease, leaky gut, and hypothyroidism. In 2015, I intuitively decided to have a breast “explant” (implant removal). After my surgery I spiraled down and just became a different person. I was receiving upper cervical care and that was the only relief from pain I could get. In 2016, I made the mistake of trying to heal my leaky gut with a food sensitivity test and a rotation diet. I was so limited on food I lost 25 lbs and was extremely weak. In November of 2017, I lost all hope. I had a “Come to Jesus” moment on my bathroom floor and when I said, “I quit,” HE said, “Good.”

After the realization that my higher source just wanted me to trust Him, I started listening and eating everything He lead me to eat and drink and immediately started putting on some muscle, weight, and generally felt better. I had hit a plateau of weight gain and in December of 2017, I spoke with a nutritionist that told me about Anthony William. I started his healing path and immediately realized I had viral, bacterial, and heavy metal issues.  Within two weeks of following his and my spirit’s advice, I felt so much better. Currently I weigh 125 lbs. and I have no more pain except some vague muscle pain in my legs that is lessening all the time. I have about 80% of my energy back with no meds and a few supplements, and I have my life back thanks to God and AW!!!

P.S. Dr. Nicole Galante is my MM Ambassador and she has been instrumental in my healing as well.


  • Pirie Jones Grossman

    Executive Life Coach, M.A. Spiritual Psychology

    Pirie is a TedX speaker, author, and a Soul-Centered Life Coach. With over 20 years in front of the camera, Pirie Grossman understands the power of storytelling. After success in commercials and acting. Pirie spent 10 years reporting for E! Entertainment Television, Entertainment Tonight, also hosted ABC’s “Every Woman." Pirie’s work off-camera capitalizes on her strength, producing, bringing people together for unique experiences. Pirie produced a Children’s Day of Compassion during the Dalai Lama’s visit in Sun Valley, ID in 2005. 10,000 children attended, sharing ideas about compassion with His Holiness. From 2006-2009, Pirie Co-chaired the Special Olympics World Winter Games, in Idaho, welcoming 3,000 athletes from over 150 countries. Pirie founded Destiny Productions to create Wellness Festivals and is an Advisory Board member of the Sun Valley Wellness Board. In February 2017, Pirie produced, “Love is Louder," a Brain Health Summit, bringing in Kevin Hines, noted suicide survivor to Sun Valley who spoke to school kids about suicide. Sun Valley is in the top 5% highest suicide rate per capita in the Northwest, prompting a community initiative with St. Luke’s and other stakeholders, to begin healing. Pirie lives in Sun Valley with her two children, serves on the Board of Community School. She has her Master’s in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and is a Soul-Centered Life Coach.