Laboratory work

Many are the time we make mistake and make all effort to cover up and hide the truth of the mistake we have made. Mistake are always there in our daily routine job but, the big question is how you handle that mistake. Here is may story of that great mistake that later on turn out to be my great success in my career .

As a medical practitioner in the field of medical laboratory technology, my vast daily job includes analysis of patients sample in effort of ensuring accurate result for the purposes of make diagnosis. My routine work involve operating automated and semi-automated medical equipment such as thermometer for fever. The work is potentially high risk in an event when accident would happen or a mistake done.

One day in my daily routine work, as I was running some test i made a mistake by forget to load up the medical analyzers with one of the patient sample.When i realized it was all ready to late to load it up. Fortunately, the only way to solve that technical challenge was to restart up the analyzer again. As i was doing so and to my surprise the system failed.

This came up as a new challenged in operation of that analyzer. All my co-worker threw blame on me. By the point the operation manager had the new too much of insult had fallen on me. The operation summon me in his office and requested me to go through the troubleshooting protocols bearing in mind this sometime was not achievable.

I had to learn through the had way. All in all i succeeded in trouble shooting and the system was back on truck though late result was given. My success was much promising because time to time when trouble shooting is required am always consider as a right person to do it.


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    Biomedical laboratory Technologist

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    Dr. David  Nyoro is a board-certified  Biomedical Laboratory Technologist with more than 10  years of experience, now practicing in Kenya. He is an expert in operation, production and analysis of modern medical laboratory diagnostic tools and kits.