The ripples of reminiscing flashes of the bygone times were emanating from the hidden caskets of memories pushing me into the fantasy world of past times which were very precious and memorable to cherish for the life time.

The initial stages of childhood was like a beautiful dream of fun and frolic, soaked in the unbiased love and affection of the families. The apple of the eye and voice of the house was the title that was adorned by my fragile head, making me a adored child. The blabbering voice and the swaying steps were gradually replaced by the naughty behaviour of the growing phase. With no worries of the future and carefree attitude for the present has made the days dream come true. The passing days filled with never ending games and the nights awaiting to take us into a fantasy world created by the mesmerising stories of the grannies. The impact of the action movies created on the young minds making me visualize as a saviour of the needy was the best memories storied in the cache of the beaming heart.

The adolescence shattered the bubble of novice and pushed me towards a roller coaster ride of unknown emotions propelling one moment into upheaval of ecstasy and the other moment into delusion. Every new day was a new journey to recognise myself through the lens of public image and try to create my own image to stand out amongst the premoulded versions. Every phase was turning out to be crossroad to choose or chase the options which were far beyond my reaching confines. The transformation of my mind-set to accommodate the new turmoil’s of physical, emotional, and psychological changes were reeling under the struggle for self analysis and evaluation to adjust to the pre-etched formats of the society. This struggle of identity and originality has propelled me more toward a journey of knowing myself to create a unique persona to adapt and adept to the changing times.

The adulthood made me cross a threshold of apprehensions and inhibitions, introducing me to the flight of my dreams, aims and aspirations. It gave me an empty canvas over the world to weave a magical portrait of my dreams with the colours of my choice. I was made to acknowledge the vastness of the sky to soar into the phantom heights to leave a mark of my entity for the people to recognise. The day I broke the shackles of barricades stopping my growth, that day I realised the strength of my grit, that hurdles can never stop my pace nor the criticism can break my spirit. The day I recognised my true self, that day my whole world changed for a better and rewarding life. The middle age grounded my soaring flight to understand the intricacies of a stable and secured associations which can be assets of a future life. It mellowed my spirits to accommodate the like minds to start a new journey of a lifetime. New beginnings, new relations, fresh professional and personal associations filled all the missing gaps, making my journey more worth living and memorable.

With a hope for a best grand finale of old age, to reminiscence every stage with a new vigour, I want to walk into the senescence with grace to embrace every change with open arms to live till the last breath a life full of beautiful memories.