Let me be precise: My labrador had five seizures one bright Spring morning.

She seemed in perfect health, and as I later discovered, that assumption couldn’t have been further from the truth.

In honor of National Pet Month in May, here’s my story.

Our animals empath our own energy – my pup was empathing mine

The truth was that I was attempting to refashion my career in law, from corporate law to compliance and HR, in an attempt to side-step what the universe had been telling me for years – “LEAVE LAW”, the universe screamed to me daily, only to fall on deaf ears.

The cognitive dissonance I experienced on a day-to-day basis was insane. I gained 100 pounds, despite little to no change in my diet or exercise protocols. The culprit was chronic stress.

Lo and behold, the lies I was telling myself weren’t translating to my fur baby. Instead, she was in my energy field (which was funky and forceful and health-diminishing) and unable to fight back, and over time my mental overload became her mental overload.

You see, our pets live entirely in the present moment; they’re not burdened with ego in the way we are. This also means the take the energy of their immediate surroundings on headfirst, all day, all the time.

So if your cat, horse, dog, ferret, goat, (Can I put small child here? I get asked sometimes), llama, or iguana is being funky, and their environment hasn’t changed dramatically, chances are the source of their behavior or illness is energetic in nature. Enter you and your baggage.

Luckily, intuition can navigate you out of this.

How to reignite your intuition

My awakening process actually began in April 2014, nearly five years ago to the month, when I watched my grandmother transition form this Earth. I saw, with my own eyes, her spirit exit her own body. (If you’ve ever witnessed a passing, you know what I’m talking about; it’s an experience beyond words, really.)

It was this moment that the natural, intuitive gifts I had as a child (and that many of us have — an endless thirst for imagination) began to really re-awaken.

Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t ready to receive them. I was still practicing corporate law, attempting to make a “slight, convenient change” to slightly-less-stressful HR and compliance work, and I ignored the massive warning signs from my body.

Let’s just say that April 2014 to April 2016 sucked! My headspace was crazy, and I was muscling through work and life harder than ever! I was exhausted. It was April 2016 that my labrador had five seizures in one morning unexpectedly. That’s when I knew I had to stop numbing my own primal instincts and begin operating in line with what nature’s law – and my body – really wanted.

It’s scientifically proven that we humans have energy fields. There are now even devices that can pick up on these energy fields. Our energy comes from our biochemistry, which comes from our thought patterns.

Without getting too science-y, when we think or feel certain emotions, our brains dump different chemicals down into our bloodstream.

Over time, these mixtures become the norm.

We further override our instincts and follow the herd in order to fit in, pass a test or score a point.

This energetic congestion becomes the norm and keeps us in the ‘box’ of survival mode. In our modern day world, this disconnects us from our pets…and ourselves.

Solving and resolving these blocks can be a slow and steady process — unless you work with a professional, that is, who can dial in to and master energy quickly and fluently.

So, it’s important to give yourself patience and to be consistent with tapping into your intuition. Is there something you’ve been majorly suppressing that could actually be tainting your entire energy field?

Health and wealth start with unlocking your energy blocks

Once I got back in alignment with my feelings in the present moment, my health realigned. Strangely though, my absolute biggest stressor from exiting the world of law – money and my cackling law school student loans – dissolved as I replaced my lawyer income and then some as an animal translator for pets and the humans that love them.

It’s because I unlocked the flow of energy in my body and mind – and I was now tapped in enough to my intuitive, spidey senses to know when I was misaligned and how to correct things.

Our pets mirror these intuitions back to us continuously, whether it be in their behavior or in their body (or both!). So it’s okay that your intuition is rusty or perhaps has been turned off from years of testing and overthinking and management. Just look to what your pet is telling you – and you’ll have the first steps you need to take.