“I mean, people just keep saying that I’ve completely changed. My girlfriend’s noticed I’m less impatient and less needy; I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore; my business partner (this 50 year-old frat guy) told me I had a glow to me and the best part? I didn’t judge him at all because that’s not the kinda thing he normally says…”

I listened intently at what my brand new Theta Healing® client was saying after just an hour session with me. I smiled from ear to ear. I heard the change in his voice: one that was uplifted, hopeful, full of courage, and excitement for even more to come. It was a voice I had recognized as my own after working with my own Theta Healing® coach Szilvia.

“I’ve been having nightmares…” I confessed to Szilvia. She was a Hungarian born intuitive who was living in Bali at the time. We had met at a retreat I was on in December 2017. I had taken the year out to work on my depression, work on myself, and just go inward. My healing journey had led me to Bali, and thank god, because I had met Szilvia by sheer luck. She was an “Add On” Tarot Card reader service that we could choose. It was kind of peer pressure since the other women had added on her service, I remember thinking: Why not?

It was soon apparent to me that this “Tarot Card reader” was not really even using the cards. They were just there and she already intuitively knew what was going on with me before I even asked my questions.

Later on in my stay, I ran into one of Szilvia’s best friend’s Eve at the hotel where I was staying. She complimented my outfit, and we ended up talking for a few hours. “Oh yeah, Szilvia is totally connected to source. Like she knows what is going on with me before I even tell her when she calls me on the phone.” I was wide eyed and in awe like a someone who had just discovered a cure for cancer. I mean, I had heard about these people in the movies, but I had never met a real live version of one of these humans in my own life. And then she said the thing that has become etched in my mind for years to come, “But you know, I think every single person has the ability to connect to source. It’s just most people don’t really want to or believe they can.”

“I think Theta Healing® can help with your nightmares,” Szilvia said completely nonchalantly during one of my subsequent Tarot Card readings. She then went on to explain what Theta Healing® is. Named after the Theta brainwave– the brainwave you’re in when you’re relaxed (in between sleep and awake)– you’re able to delve into the subconscious mind and work on limiting beliefs that may be deeply embedded or you didn’t even know you were carrying around. Whoa. Muscle testing or energy testing is another component of it. In order to test for these beliefs, because your mind sometimes warps past traumas or challenging moments in your life to protect you, you have to ask your body. So muscle testing is a way in which to ask your body “Yes” or “No” questions.

You can read more about Theta Healing® here.

“Close your eyes and relax,” Szilvia said soothingly. She was in my hotel room in Bali for our first Theta Healing® session. To be honest, I was freaking out. My mind was racing. I mean, what did I really know about this woman? She could like kill me and leave me for dead in this hotel room…and how the heck could my body move without my mind telling it to? “Try standing up, Kyla…” I was trying to muscle test sitting down for the very first time and it was not working, so she suggested I stand. I had no idea what was about to happen or how it was even possible, and then it happened: when Szilvia started asking my body questions, I leaned forward for “Yes” and then I felt a pull back and leaned backwards for “No.”


And that was the beginning of my 2-year love affair with Theta Healing®. At a training to become a certified healer in Seattle, I learned that the founder of Theta, Vianna Stibel had healed herself of lymphatic cancer and has since gone on to heal and train countless others around the world in 25 countries. The idea behind Theta Healing® came to her from source as well. If you had told me this 2 years ago, I would have shrugged it off for some woo woo fairytale. Now that I have seen it work after just one session with my own clients, well, I am still amazed but a true believer.

When I texted Szilvia a picture of my ThetaHealing® practitioner certification, she responded,

Wohoooo!!!! It makes me feel so good to know that you have chosen this path..it will help you find your own way with your gift.”

Szilvia: You’ll be happy to hear that Theta has not only given me the courage to walk away from Depression, but the strength and determination to help others with the same struggles. And I can say with certainty that Eve was right. Every single one of us has this “gift” as you call it to tap into a higher source and heal from WITHin. Thank you for believing that I could and showing me I could with Theta.

But you most likely already knew all of this during our first encounter in Bali.

I love you, Szilvia.


  • Kyla Mitsunaga

    Global Happiness Coach | ThetaHealing® Coach | Author of WITH vs AT: Two Prepositions That Changed My Life

    KYLA MITSUNAGA is a Global Happiness Coach/ThetaHealing® Coach/Speaker/Award-Winning Professor/Founder of WITH Warriors LLC. She realized her true calling and passion for helping others when she won her first teaching award at Harvard. She went on to teach at Yonsei University in Seoul for 7 years creating unique and innovative content for classes such as Career Development, Global Issues, Cross-Cultural Communication. She even created a course on Happiness for Freshman and won multiple teaching awards. In 2012, she was invited to be a TED@Seoul speaker. She recently trademarked her TED Talk title WITH vs AT and turned it into a book as well as a retreat. In 2017, she embarked on a healing journey working WITH her depression. She decided to take the year out to finish her book, start a pop-up cafe in her apartment (serving no-salt dishes and no-sugar desserts), become a certified life coach, become a certified happiness coach, and most recently a certified ThetaHealing® practitioner. She has now realized that in order to become happy, we must first heal from WITHin. She has delivered innovative and dynamic corporate workshops as well as practiced one-on-one coaching all over the globe. When not speaking or workshopping globally, you can find Kyla swimming, baking (without processed sugar), writing, finding the best eats in Korea, and mulling over women’s rights. Kyla has traveled to 49 countries, delivered workshops in 16, and calls 5 countries “home.”