My passion is to help people aspire to their goals and align with their true purpose. I help my clients develop the mindset to navigate life events calmly, confidently, and with resilience. Many of my clients have experienced adversity, such as the demise of their marriage, infertility, or a job loss. When we start working together they are struggling, often overwhelmed with fear and anxiety, but also with a strong desire to change their lives for the better.

I do not purport to know it all. Far from it. I learn something new every day – and for this, I am grateful. I have my own challenges and struggles. I get stuck and sidetracked by limiting beliefs and self-doubt. But I know what to do when these situations arise, partly because I have received specific training in this area, but also because I have a coach. You heard right – I am a master coach and I have a coach.

My coach helps me stay accountable and aligned with my goals and the life I desire to have. I do the work that I need to do to ensure that I maintain a growth mindset. It is only within the last 14 months that I have learned how powerful my beliefs are in creating the outcomes and results I desire, and how a scarcity mindset can hold me back and keep me from growing. I did not truly understand this when I was practising law. Frankly, I don’t remember turning my mind to it. I was busy meeting my professional responsibilities, deadlines, competing demands, advocating for my clients, and basically doing my job. Stress and exhaustion were unfortunately a normal part of my day. I learned to cope, and quite effectively (on the surface). But in hindsight, I can see many examples of how a scarcity mindset interfered with my progress and kept me tethered to my “comfort zone” and a life that I did not realize I was outgrowing.

When I made the decision to stop practising family law, I began my journey of thinking differently. This wasn’t easy or pleasant. It is amazing how a paradigm or set of beliefs and habits becomes engrained in your subconscious mind after nearly two decades. It took months of commitment, obtaining my coaching certification at 2 levels, and working with my own coach, for this transformation to happen. And it is far from over. The transformation that I am talking about is the willingness to embrace an expansive abundance mindset; it is this new mindset, this profound shift that allows you to not only change your thoughts, behaviour, and habits, but to sustain all of this over the long-term.

Becoming a master coach and doing the incredible work that I am grateful to be able to do each day has taught me so much; and thankfully, the lessons are just beginning.