My mom is a 2- time Cancer survivor. 

 When I was kid, she has breast cancer and a lump was removed. I remember her on the couch, covered up with a blanket, issuing orders to the rest of us, directing what needed to be done to keep the household functioning. She didn’t SEE herself as sick and didn’t want our routines to be interrupted. 

When I was in my 20’s she had a full hysterectomy. She didn’t tell anyone other than my father about the surgery until after it was over. She didn’t SEE herself as sick and she didn’t want to worry any of us. 

 Two years ago my darn dog (a very stout English Terrier) bumped her on the stairs and, she fell and broke her hip. She laid on the floor for two hours before I came home and found her. She didn’t SEE herself as injured! Her surgery and recovery took months and it was painful. She was up and around faster than expected and the doctors were amazed. She didn’t SEE herself as hurt. 

She’s has had shingles.

She was diagnosed with Lupus AND Chroms disease.

She takes medication for her thyroid. 

Why am I telling you all of this? 

She turned 70 this last year and we had a Great Gatsby themed party for her with family and friends. She dressed up in a period dress, had champagne and danced the night away. I mean until 2AM -danced the night away! 

People tell her all the time that she doesn’t look (or act) her age. 

I have rarely heard her complain. She gets up every morning and does what needs to be done. She shuttles and babysits and grocery shops, cooks and cleans. 

Friends and family ask her how she keeps going (with so much energy!) and she says that she doesn’t SEE herself as 70. She says that she doesn’t SEE herself as having “health issues”. 

She see’s herself as blessed. 

She see’s herself as strong.

 She see’s herself as healthy, no matter what the doctors report says. 

Maybe there really is a fountain of youth and maybe it’s all in our mind.