It is a cliche to say that life of a home maker is bliss.The Indian home maker is a mass of jangled nerves in the morning.Whether she likes it or not she has to become the morning lark.She rises at the crack of dawn,completes her morning ablutions and gets ready to face the world.Her first trip is her kitchen,she becomes the kitchen queen  as she dishes out various kinds of dishes made with love and expertise.It is the kids’ breakfast and school lunch, hubby’s  breakfast and lunch.All these things are made in record time.Once done,it is time to wake up the kids,wake up the husband with a hot cup of tea.She busies herself with the household chores of getting the kids ready for school,seeing them off etc while hubby lazes in bed enjoying his steaming bed tea . He laps the sizzling news of the morning paper.Then she serves him his breakfast,hands him his lunch while he rushes off for work.A little peace to herself.As soon as she starts boiling water for tea,the doorbell jangles and lo behold the maid has come.Now again she has  to add another cup for boiling as the maid can’t work without the stimulating brew. As she settles with her cup and the morning news paper, again the doorbell jangles the washerman and milkman in tow.She curses her morning and deals with them.At last the staff is out.A few minutes to herself and again her reverie is broken with an unanounced visitor the next door neighbour. She needs a cup of sugar as hers has finished.By afternoon she is bogged down with household chores but no time to repose as kids time to come back.As they enter there is complete pandemonium.She feeds them and then lunches.She puts them to sleep hoping to catch forty winks.But alas the doorbell jangles, the vendors line up to sell their wares.She busies herself in buying their wares.It is evening and kids have to be given milk and snacks and hubby would return.He would demand tea and snacks.She dishes out the gourmet snacks like a robot .Entry of the hubby and she is at his beck and call.Then she starts teaching the kids hoping to get some respite before she starts cooking dinner.Again it is dinner time and she feeds the family,cleans and then drops in bed dreaming of afternoon seistas which never come.She goes about with groggy eyes-this is morning with no leisure,no time to stand and stare—