Every day is a different day that has a different level of urgency and work. In a day, there are so many things that ask for your attention such as calls, messages, emails, etc. The overall routine of every day gives birth to the sense of being busy. It makes people exhausted and boring. The reason behind this is a busy routine but not a productive one.

The state of mind distracts you and makes you unable of making clear and right decisions. The 5 choices that I will talk about in this blog, help a person avoid distractions and achieve their goals both in professional and personal life. The following 5 choices are the way of making life more productive:

Priorities things as per the importance:

Many of us can’t handle so many things at a single time and even if we try to do so, it comes out to be a disaster almost all the time. So it is better to do one work at a time. The biggest decision of the day that you need to make to be productive is that which task to do first.

You can choose the one based on the level of significance the work has. For example, if you make a list of 5 tasks to be performed on a day and puts the most significant one on the top and due to some urgencies, you fail to perform all the 5 tasks, but somehow manage to do the most crucial one, then you have made your day productive by completing the most significant task of the day.

Another benefit of scheduling things is that you can give most of the time to the work that is more important and will be more valuable to you.

Learn to say no:

As much as prioritizing work is significant, saying no is also significant. You will never be able to prioritize your work unless you learn to say no to the less significant tasks. In your daily routine, you will face a situation where you will have so many messages to respond, invitations, calls, etc, and you will feel like responding to all is important, but the fact is it’s not.

Every work has its importance, and you may find it difficult to say no to some task, but for the execution of a more important task, it needs to be done. When you will learn to say no to work that can be postponed, that time you can see a visible rise in your productivity scale.

Let’s understand it with a daily life example. Many of us love to play games, let’s take the famous csgo as an example. Many players will settle for the unsecured gameplay and enjoy it, but some that know how to say no will wait and work to get a csgo prime account first and then enjoy the gameplay.

Ask as many questions as you want:

The third thing that’s very crucial to make your life more productive is questioning. The more you question the more your learn and gain knowledge. A person who asks more and valuable questions can tend to produce more effective results than the ones that don’t ask questions. You can ask questions from the experts in that field to make things more clear for yourself.

If you are dealing with a certain product, you can ask your customers for feedback and ask them about your product. For example, you can ask them, what you can improve, what they are expecting from this product, etc. The source can be person, colleague, google, and much more, but the results of asking questions will always be productive.

Set your timing:

It’s up to you and your capability for how long you can work. There is no need to work for half of the day and make yourself exhausted. You need to set a proper routine and make yourself understand that whatever work you need to complete today should be completed within this given time. So that you can use the rest of your time for rest or entertainment, like smurf csgo for some time, have a cup of tea with family, etc.

Know what to do last:

The way the first task matters the most, similarly, the last work of the day also has the same importance.No matter how much time you give to schedule, at the end of the day there will be some important work left that has slipped your mind earlier. So take the end 30-60 minutes to rethink and in case of any work left complete it.