I am more excited about the rest of my life than ever. Everything up until now is groundwork. At 58, I still believe I have a long way to go. Twenty eighteen was my most transformative year. I made wholesale changes in my life, some on purpose and others because I had no choice. No one is more surprised than me that I was able to adapt like this.

Found My Purpose – My purpose is: to make a difference. It may sound like a convenient choice, but I want to do this for my family, friends, and society. That’s it, in that order. It is a work in progress and likely will never be complete. It’s a reason why I want to leave the date of death open on my tombstone.

Focus on Health – I changed my life at a later date. New people, purpose and promise. I also found out I wasn’t healthy but have cancer. Just because you have a disease doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. One of the ways I can make a difference is to share my cancer experiences. It just might help someone else. I have watched others do this. They all have their style in how they share. Some are quiet and work behind the scenes. Others are on a platform, that would be me. I think this is the right use of it.

The point here is you can take on many challenges in life. And you can fight an illness trying to kill you while you work on something else too. When I am not focused on my health, I am a marketing consultant. I can knock items off my list much faster than before. My decision making is more precise and creativity at a new high. I think the diversion helps in both directions. Cancer helps my work focus; my work helps fight cancer.

Added Meditation – The past is useless and a loser’s game. What’s done is done. But we spend most of our time mired in it. I have done this, and it wasn’t until last year that I finally cut the ties that bind. I learned how to meditate, and I did some reading on Buddhism. I read a lot about many things, but I wanted to understand meditation better, and it pointed me to mindfulness and being present.

I choose the hand with the present in it. I began to live my life one [today] at a time. It is not always easy, but it is impactful. I am doing it while managing a career transition, fighting cancer and helping an elderly family in poor health. I feel like I am spinning a dish on top of a pole while balancing it on my chin. It is not always easy. I have great support.

Understanding What I Put in My Body – I never thought much about my eating habits until I had to. I am now actively engaged in my health and maintaining it with the proper food. I am educating myself on making better choices and seeing the benefits. Adding exercise has helped as well. I am mindful of calories and sugar intake. Guess what? I feel better.

Second Act – I am retired from the traditional 9 to 5 corporate gig. I felt I had to do it all those years because that is what everyone does. I achieved a lot they say, I quickly forgot it and put the trophies in my minds’ basement. Last year, I began helping a startup, TrueGift. Two guys with an idea for a product to make an impact for many. Sounded like a good place to hang my hat. And it served my purpose. So, I’m helping launch the world’s first crowdgifting and investment app. Turning someone else’s idea into a real product, then figuring out how to position it is about as cool as it gets for a marketer. Add raising the funds to do it and you have a four-bagger.

I am starting over again with experience and wisdom which almost feels unfair. The best thing I can do in this phase of my life is to teach what I know to anyone who wants to learn. I feel fortunate that I have something to share.


  • Christian J. Farber

    dad, husband, son, thinker, writer.

    Christian J. Farber and wife Susan live in Tinton Falls, NJ. Their home is near the shore where they spend a lot of time at the beach with their three boys. He is a featured and contributing author on many social media platforms. Chris has had a long career in Marketing and Sales. He is a visionary thinker on business and the intersection between life, work and aging.