Allow me to share my “huge” (at least in my eyes), living a life with no excuses experience, better yet living a life with excuses story. This is a excerpt from my book: How To Live A Life With No Excuses.

I’ve had a few books fully written for the past 10 years. Yet I sat on it because, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go the traditional publishing route or the self-publishing route. That was an excuse!

I spoke to authors from the self-publishing world, as well as authors from the traditional publishing world. I listened, re-asked, re-listened and still I sat on my books. I was thinking about it, of course, and wanted to explore all of my options. That too was an excuse!

The questions I was asking myself and the answers I was giving myself were all excuses.

I told myself:

My book wasn’t long enough,

No one was going to buy it,

It needed to be fine tuned,

What if it’s not good enough,

What if I’m not good enough,

I don’t know what to do when I finish writing it,

The writing wasn’t up to par — and the list goes on.

That was until I truly owned the fact that everything that did, and did not happen in my life up until now, was my fault. The good, the bad, the in between, the plateaus, the everything. The reason I didn’t have a book that could help people all over the world, was because I chose not to put one out there, it was all on me.

So I decided to start making intentional choices, most important, the intentional choice to always choose.

Here’s what I chose when I let go of my excuses;

I believe in me!

I am enough!

I can do it, because I say so!

If it wasn’t long enough — so what!

If it wasn’t perfectly written — so what!

I had to refocus on helping and stop being attached to the outcome.

My excuses were my own insecurities talking out loud. I chose to knock them down with all that I did do well!

Every time I started down the road of what if it doesn’t, I told myself what if it does work. I started to “feel” myself being in that moment of it working, and that feeling guided my action and became my new focal point. That focal point became my only perspective, the perspective of getting it done despite what occurred around me.

What I share in my book, “Living A Life With No Excuses” is not for everyone. However, that’s ok, because it is for someone, and if it can help at least one person in any capacity, that’s what I was going to do.

Let me tell you, as I wrote this paragraph right here, I was questioning myself. I was scared of not being accepted, yes I was. But, I did it anyways because I reminded myself that I accept me, I am enough, I believe in me, and all I can do is give of me. So that is what I have done with this book, that’s all I can offer.

It’s a true gift from me to you, my only request is that you use what fits, if it fits, and leave the rest by the wayside. Just be you, believe in yourself and know that you are enough because you say so!

I could share story upon story, however this is not the autobiography of Karen D, so let’s get you on the road to living a life with no excuses.

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