People are appalled at violence in the news…and then they run home to binge watch Ramsay rape Sansa on Game of Thrones and have arguments about the art of it all and defend it.

Why? Why would they defend that?

Much that passes as entertainment purveys rape and killing AS entertainment. Human life is most often created in consummation of love (but not always). Mother’s bear children. Children become people. Death in large numbers whether in a movie or our neighborhoods represents destruction of a sacred and beautiful thing. EVERY life requires conception. Whether real OR virtual, we must respect human life as sacred.

The stars and starlets of Hollywood are purveyors of an addiction to violence. They are smug in their trite defense of their “gift” to society. “My overall aim by making the film was not to traumatise people, but to help the healing process.” Bullshit. Pandering to death sells tickets.

Everyone wants to see the kill shot. People are fascinated by the moment of death. The masses love the crack of bone as football players sack each other. The Neanderthal in people awakens and they HAVE to see the leg bent beyond belief on the basketball court. They WANT to see the light saber turned on and pass through the head. They REVEL in the Kingsman Galahad single-handedly killing an entire church congregation. “Ain’t it cool?! I just couldn’t look away!”

Why? Why would people watch that? 

Why do these things pass as entertainment for our youth, our peoples, our world?

And then there are boxcutters. I can own (but I don’t) as many boxcutters as I want. I can own big ones. Little ones. Automatic ones. Gold ones. 2,996 people died on 9/11 because we didn’t control boxcutters and blades less than 4 inches. We then went to war in several small countries – over something started with boxcutters. I can’t board a plane today with any boxcutters (or exploding shoes, or laptops). Regulations and controls do work. Change can keep us safer.

Shape your life, then live it. Don’t just live it. Speak your truth to your partners and friends.

Seek the outdoors. Stop consuming death and destruction. Write a poem. Visit an aged person. Play with a child. Watch a sunset.

Question what you believe. Question what you think. And always ask, does it have to be this way?

Events demand personal action and personal accountability. Boycott. Refuse. Reject. Respect.