You are the lion 
I am the cub
I cower behind you 
You stand tall 

That feeling 
Of protection 
Makes a scared child 
Feel safe

They say a man’s role 
Is to protect women
And you perform that role 
With utmost dignity 

I even let you be my eyes
I even let you be my guide 

I’m not worried to walk behind you 
For this time, leading isn’t the end goal
The goal in union 
The goal is peace
The goal is safely 

To let you be at the forefront 
To enable you to hold my hand
To encourage you to take the reins 
Is love in its highest form

For in letting you protect me
I gave you the honor of saving me 
A woman who can pay love forward
A woman who can make magic 

So hold her
Protect her
Do whatever it takes
To let her walk
On this earth