I have a ton to be proud of over the past four years since I’ve rebuilt my health, built a business that lights my soul on fire, and rebuilt my family.

What is the one thing that I’m most proud of?

I am proud that my family embraced the journey of discovery to find my purpose, my passion, and my mission in this lifetime.

Our Collapse Lead to a Rebuild

One of the reasons I became a 300-pound, suicidal alcoholic who got fired from two executive positions in 20 months was because I was so far out of alignment with where I actually wanted to be in life. I never really wanted to be an employee, but I did it for my family’s good. I never intended to build a social life strictly around alcohol, but I thought I needed to in order to socialize with my wife. I never dreamed of hating my life. But I did.

When I got so far out of alignment it all collapsed, and I had two options: pull the trigger and end it all or get everything in my life back into alignment.

I Began My “Get to” Life

Needless to say, I didn’t pull the trigger. From there I fully committed, with 100 percent of my entire life force, to never do anything I hated ever again. I wasn’t going back to corporate. I was done killing myself. I was done making choices that fueled someone else’s idea of what was “right.”

My decision truly impacted my family. They were scared, they fought me, and they tried to get me to stop living life on my terms. They wanted the old me because it was safe and familiar. But I remained committed. Once they saw that I was fully committed, they came along for the ride. I couldn’t make them, and I was willing to lose them. I was no longer sacrificing myself. And they chose to join me on a new adventure.

Leading with L.O.V.E.

My family now is not the same family from years ago. We’ve all grown so much, and we’re all committed to living life on our own terms – together. Everyone gets to thrive at the same time.

L.O.V.E. = letting others voluntarily evolve

That’s what I’m most proud of. We once tried to get each other to be whom we wanted the other to be through anger, guilt, shame, manipulation, and withholding love.

Now we L.O.V.E. each other powerfully.

Of all that I’ve created by hitting the reset button – that’s what makes me the proudest. All it takes is one single decision to live life on your own terms.

Are you living a life designed by you, for you, or are you living your life on someone else’s terms?