~ The Light Within

I recall the days when I fell in love for the very first time. Those were the days when I celebrated my being, my beauty and my Uniqueness. But as Lord Buddha inspires us to prepare ourselves for the changes, One time comes when we both have to go on different paths and relationships can’t be continued. There I meet the deepest hopelessness, apathy, feeling of being abandoned and sadness of my life.

I remember that it was a moment when I felt that I had nothing left and saw the blurry vision of my life. It was a serious decision that we both took in front of time and met with disaster. The fact is that there is not any crisis kit available for such a massive accident. I fell victim to the rain inside my living room.

But as per the philosophy of Happiness, Hope is Everywhere and every darkest cloud carries a silver lining. So we just need to see the complete picture of any given person, situation or thing. There I met one piece of wisdom by Lord Gautam Buddha that saved my life. 

“Appo Deepo Bhava”

~ Lord Buddha

Through a deep reflection and conscious living of the same piece of wisdom, I identified that after the breakup, I was just vibrating on socially acceptable feelings of sadness, grief, loneliness, hopelessness and more because I asked to accept the reality of others and I did it unconsciously.

We read the stories of getting down and slowing our growth rate or we used to believe that overcoming such massive situations is impossible, but the wisdom helped me move around the possibilities and ignite the light within.

There I accepted the truth that we as human beings carry a light within that we can use as a compass and map to heal from any crisis and reach the final destination of peace, love and joy. 

Healing is a complex and confusing process. We can deal with professional, financial, and material losses, but when it comes to matters of the heart, we must pull ourselves to the altar of self-care and gratitude. Oh, it’s difficult, perhaps the most difficult, but we must seek the light within. 

It often appears to be resolved at the moment but then reappears uninvited when our emotional balance churns out doubt, loneliness, and self-hatred. But this actual realization of light within me helped me to align with the process of my healing and transformation.

Here are four key takeaways from this experience that I talk about and teach people:

Every answer is Inside you.

Take a Pause, Close your Eyes and Listen to your Heart. Because the light within you carries the answer to everything and you have a great source of inspiration, your mind.

Seek Within

Don’t seek it without; seek within. The inspiration, hope, love, peace, Happiness you’re seeking without is within. You’re the Source of Creation.

You can see it when you believe it.

Affirm, Think & Believe that you’re what you want to be and eventually, you’ll become. Trust your light. What we think we become.

Believe and Miracle happens.

Believe and Miracle Happens. Believe what you want to manifest and take charge of shaping your reality with your thoughts.

“Sharing the wisdom within, makes me feel alive.”

— Aman Kumar