This time of the year is perfect for reflection, goal setting, and letting go of what doesn’t bring you joy. I’ve practiced this by investing in a Passion Planner, doing a Death Meditation, and planning a New Years Yoga Retreat! Sometimes letting go of things or creating new intentions is overwhelming. The changes you make don’t always have to be big or life changing, they can be small, but meaningful. One small change I’m making is openly expressing my opposing opinions — even if they don’t seem like a big deal. I hope that by being brave enough to say something trivial, like “I hate Soul Cycle,” even though I know people who love it, will give me the courage to speak up about deeper things that matter in my life, especially when others disagree with me.

Classpass is dumb and I’ll never use it.

It’s ironic that Classpass exists. Everyone wants to go to a boutique studio that specializes in something — an aerial studio, a pilates studio, a boxing studio — and Classpass is sooo smart because it gives you access to all these different styles of classes. You know what else gives you access to a whole bunch of different types of classes? A GYM! An old school gym with weights, group fitness classes and treadmills. I’m sorry if your average Equinox or Chicago Athletic Club isn’t Instagram worthy enough for you, but it’s there. Pick one gym or studio and get to know their instructors. Make workout dates with other members. Strong relationships with people will keep you working out more regularly than the “convenience” of Classpass. The less choices you have to make about where you work out — the better. Wouldn’t you rather spend the time it takes scrolling through different studios on your phone making friends in real life? I do.

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Soul Cycle is the worst.

I hate the mantras written on the walls. I hate the positive affirmations instructors yell. I hate biking in place! Fitness is “the new church.” People are getting high off of positive affirmations, intense workouts, and sweaty selfies. I think people are looking for something more than that — they just don’t know it yet. You know how hard it is to convince someone they need something that they don’t know they need yet? Really freaking hard. Soul Cycle is popular because people want to believe in something bigger than themselves. Seeing your body improve, clearing your mind through sweat, and being a part of a likeminded community are all wonderful, positive things — but what we’re really in need of is deep, spiritual shit! Mother Teresa said “The poverty in the West is a different kind of poverty — it is not only a poverty of loneliness but also of spirituality. There’s a hunger for love, as there is a hunger for God.” We need a spiritual awakening. One that doesn’t come in the form of sweat on bikes in a glorified basement or from following a religion. But from a deep personal connection to yourself and your purpose in life. An awakening from within. Soul Cycle is literally banking on the fact that you are in search of that — even if you don’t know it yet.

I don’t want to be a #girlboss. I want to be a housewife.

I have no interest in “working hard” or making a bunch of money. When I take 2 naps a day AND still make enough money to pay rent, bills etc. — that’s when I feel the most successful. I didn’t create EAT STRETCH NAP to take over the world, I created it so I can be a housewife and work from home when I have kids while also doing what I love. However, if you want schedule flexibility and the ability to “mentally check out” of work — starting a business isn’t always the answer. There’s a million ways to create the lifestyle you want without navigating the uncertainty it takes to start your own company. I started a business because it made the most sense for what I was already doing. The opportunity was there and I took it. We need to stop glamorizing the entrepreneurial life. It’s not always what you think and it definitely won’t solve all your problems.

I hope this posts inspires you to take action towards the things you believe in, even if you know someone might disagree with you. What do you want to accomplish this year? Do you hate Soulcycle too?? 😛 Let me know in the comments!

Originally published at on December 26, 2016.