Many moons ago, before marriage, children and Coronavirus, I had a love for opera, ballet and classical music.  But you know, life got in the way, the children’s music ruled the house during their different stages in age and my music just drifted off.  I attended a few pop concerts but my music seemed to have disappeared to the bottom of a very long list that is daily life. 

During a recent stressful period, I once again started to listen to classical music, mostly in the form of guided meditations, and the spark reignited. I had forgotten how much I loved it, how it soothed me and at the same time excited me.  I started to play my music on Sunday’s whilst preparing the family meal.  Naturally I had a few objections but I stood firm.  After all, I had spent years listening and singing along to the family’s choice of music parking my own desires, as so many of us do. 

Then Covid-19 struck.  The stress of old resurfaced.  With so much uncertainty and fear around, I started to play classical music each day to calm my thoughts and bring me to the present moment.  I immediately felt calmer and in control, my mood lifted and my sense of confidence grew with each tempo, the underlying beat or pulse of the music. 

Studies have shown there is a link between music and mood.  Classical music has even been shown to reduce pain and depression, help with stroke recovery, reduce your blood pressure, and can help you sleep.  And it can make you happy.  I am proof of that.  So, each day I have made playing classical music a part of my daily routine and consider it my new healthy habit, or guilty pleasure.  Bring some calm and positive energy in your daily life and play some Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Chopin to name a few incredible composers. 

Try it and see for yourself!