It was a hot and sunny day for Tony Stark. Tony was visiting Los Angeles for the first time ever, despite him traveling all the time to many different places. The first time he looked at the skies, he could see pink, purple, and all different types of colors, which he had never seen before in New York! He also saw many palm trees, and clear rivers, which he had only seen in a few countries or states.

He had come to Los Angeles for the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, and was looking forward to seeing his favourite tennis player, Tom Holland. Tom was a very famous and amazing tennis player, and was also known for his amazing works in technology. He was like an idol to Tony.

On the day of the tournament, Tony entered his car and headed straight to the arena. He ended up being an hour early! Because Tony was so early, he wasn’t allowed to enter the arena yet, even though he heard somebody practicing in the courts. The sound of the ball smacking the racket, and the squeaky noise of sneakers clashing against the ground, made it so hard not to go inside. But unfortunately, there was a huge line of security at the door, therefore, he had no chance of getting in. So, he went to go buy some snacks. One of Tony’s favourite snacks were cheeseburgers, and he had longed one so much ever since landing in Los Angeles.

He quickly ran towards the snacks booth, and asked one of the workers where the nearest cheeseburgers were. Suddenly, he heard some screams and looked to his right. A man had burst into the room and started firing his guns! Tony quickly got into his brand new Iron-Man suit that he had worked on for months. The suit had full protection, 145 different weapon choices, a working A.I. speaker and, jet-pack shoes!  After he was in his suit, he headed straight for the man, shooting proton-blasts straight at him.

The man quickly got out his electric shields, immediately realising who was shooting at him. The shooter started aiming his guns at Tony, although, they were no match against Iron-Man. Suddenly, Tom burst into the room, to be surprised at the amount of people screaming for help. He tried to exit through the back door, but it was too late. 

The shooter laid eyes on Tom and quickly lunged right at him, pointing a gun straight at his head. “Help! Help! He’s got m-” “Shh… One more word and you’re dead kid,” murmured the shooter. “Don’t worry, you’re going to be just fine,” spoke Tony as he turned his head towards them. “Are you sure about that? I would be careful, Tony.” Those words felt like a drop of poison to Tony as he shivered with fear. “You need to listen very, very, carefully, Tony.. I need you to-”

Just then, a swift Spider-Man broke through the roof, and quickly wrapped up the shooter’s head with webs while pushing him to the ground at the same time. “Woah!” yelled Tony as he backed down to the ground. “That was amazing, thanks!” “No problem Mr. Stark!” said an out-of-breath Spider-Man. “After all, I’m just a friendly-neighbourhood Spider-Man!” After the incident, the police came as soon as possible, and apprehended the suspect, who was later known as Thanos

After Tony changed out of his suit, he bumped into Tom while going back to his seat, who was quite out of breath. Of course, there was quite a lot of paparazzi near him, and Tony was speechless. In fact, he was speaking gibberish! “Sorry! I-I didn’t mean to bump into thu- I mean, yuth! Not you.. Wait what?” “Don’t worry, it’s fine.. You seem like a fine gentleman, what is your name?” Tony couldn’t believe it! Tom was asking for his name! “Uh- My name is Tony Stark, owner of Stark Industries?” Tom went silent for a minute, then said, “Oh right! I know some of your brands! They really are amazing!” Just then, his assistant tugged at his arm and whispered to him, “You have a match to play!” His face went white. “Well, Tony, uh- I must be going now! It was nice to meet you!” Tom said as he rushed over to the courts. 
Tony couldn’t believe what had just happened. He had just met the idol of his dreams. He was starstruck. He got to use his brand new suit, impress many people, and meet his idol? It’s like this moment was meant to be inevitable.