While the debate continues in the scientific community regarding the existence of a multiverse, an infinite number of parallel universes, there is no arguing the fact that I use social media to create my multiverse. What I post, photos I share, and what I comment on, are all a crafted version of my reality.

As I use social media to build my personal and business brand, my Disneyscape multiverse is probably the most prevalent of all my multiverses. Here I share the best of my best, my happy moments, adventures, successes, and accomplishments. Each time someone responds with a comment or emoji the reward center in my brain is triggered and endorphins are released, a very satisfying experience that keeps me wanting more.

My Activist multiverse allows me to take a stand on things I am passionate about and connects me with a broader community of others who share my perspective. The Activist can be a tricky multiverse to inhabit. I need to be thoughtful, do my research, and stay open making sure what I post and how I respond represents my core values honestly. The more other people react to my posts, the larger my community, the grander my sense of impact, the stronger my sense of purpose.

When tragedies and sorrow fill my life, the Grief multiverse allows me to seek the comfort and support of others. Receiving words of compassion, caring and support from my social media contacts lessens the isolation of my grief. I am incredibly selective on this one; there are just some tragedies I chose not to share. I do share the impact of catastrophic events and losses that have directly impacted my life and the lives of a greater community of others. Each comment and response to those posts reminds me I am not alone; they are like virtual hugs.

My social media multiverse plays directly into the fundamental need we all have for belonging, status, and purpose. They feed my brain’s reward centers, the more I get, the more my brain wants. I understand how one can quickly move from passive interest to the black holes of addiction.

The black holes in my social media multiverse play havoc with my sense of self and worth. I need to stop myself from comparing the number of responses I receive to the numbers others receive for similar posts. Losing followers and negative comments can lead me to question my worth. I have to consciously remind myself that what I share within my social media multiverse is not authentic communication. Authentic communication can only happen between people who are open to not just sharing their true reality but listening to and seeking to understand the other. Listening not just to the words, but the thoughts and feelings behind the words.

My time can quickly fall into the black holes of my social media multiverse. I can get so consumed that I forget to live in the reality of my physical universe. As I seek to build my brand and my business through the social media multiverse I must to set parameters on the time I spend physically isolated from others whether on my computer or my phone. I have to create and foster face-to-face interactions that build new business contacts and expand my client base. I need to nurture my direct relationships with my family and friends in face-to-face conversation, deepening our relationships, creating new authentic memories. I need to navigate my realities and live in my now.