This is a hard time for everyone, no matter kids, teens, or adults, everyone is suffering due to coronavirus. It has done extreme damage to every economy it travels.

The loss is just on another level. We are losing people, businesses, jobs, freedom, fun, studies, and everything else you can dream of.

In times like this when spending time with our loved ones should be topmost priority, we aren’t allowed to even sit near them.

All this combined made 2020 the worst year for most people, including me. But there is a difference between other peoples and me.

While most peoples have lost their hopes, I am still standing here fully optimistic for a better future.

But what made me like this? Is this due to a person or anything else?

Why I am still writing and sharing my ideas when I should just hide somewhere in the corner like most people and pray the virus don’t hit my hometown.

How I am still OK with the fact that economic depression has begun and a lot of damage is approaching the whole economy?

Well, the first step towards optimism is turning off the news, and not listening to it again. It makes no sense of listening to news and wasting your whole day.

If its really important, your friends will call you about that, so stop listening to junk and start listening to some good content, especially movies like the Pursuit of happiness or Forrest Gump.

Remember, it’s all about waves. Positive things make positive people and positive people attract positive waves, and vice-versa.

But also remember that negative waves travel faster and can affect you faster than a positive one, so first practice a real quarantine from News, Social media, and other things.

Now, let’s talk about what makes me optimistic at this time? Every second, every moment, no matter what happens these things make me positive.

Well, I wish I could just name one thing, but there are a few of them.

This includes my Parents, Friends, Goals, my dream, and myself.

My life wasn’t always easy, being from a middle-class family, I have seen poverty in my life. I remember those days when I had a single cloth I used to wear the whole year.

It was hell. Sometimes I have to wear the same winter clothes in summer and vice-versa just because I didn’t have enough. At that time, my father never supported me even though he had money.

The only person in the entire world that really supported me was my Mom. She is the most beautiful person I know, and we are more like friends than mother-son relation.

She helped me for years with whatever she earned and supported me at those times. She got me the laptop I am writing this on, supported me in my studies, and every other thing.

At that time when everybody left me, she was still there, and that’s why she is my motivation. Since that time, I am working really hard to be the son every mother dreams of.

Today, I am 20 and earning online from a few sources of mine. The earning isn’t humongous, but good enough to make my mother proud.

The feelings I have for my mother, the sense of giving back to her and other poor kids like me is just way bigger than a virus. That’s why even today I am writing new articles everyday to make sure I am doing what I am supposed to.

And you know what, I am proud that even if Coronavirus took me down, I am leaving my small online revenue to my family that will help them pay their expenses.

So, even though I will not be there, my work will always be there to support them, and that’s the reason I am working more than ever.

The reason I wrote, “other poor kids” is because I was lucky. I was lucky because my mom was earning and she supported me, but there are families where the father doesn’t really support while mothers are jobless.

Those families have a hard time living and getting their kids the study they need. So, I will be like my mother and support these extreme poor people in their hard times.

I don’t just want my money to quadruple and rot in my bank account. Why not help some one while we are alive?

And the reason I said “parents” and not mother is because eventually, my father started helping me when he found the hard work I was putting in. Even with the minimum of resources, I was defeating everyone like Alexander The Great.

Now, second came my friends.

I have some good friends. They are just masterpieces, loyal, friendly, funny, and good. Even though they came in the middle of my struggle, they helped me a lot without expecting any returns. And I always love them for that.

I have this weird thinking of making others around me successful. So, whenever I see someone depressed or talking negative, I inspire them for opposite and make sure they go on the right path.

The same rule applies to my friends. I was lucky to have a bad past, but that helped me to grow more than any of my friend. So, its my duty to make sure they are always growing.

Since the times are good now and I am earning and blah blah, I want my friends to go up along with me. I want them to be successful with me, and that’s why they are my motivation.

I have to be positive and optimistic because they look upto me, like I am a leader. So, I have to be just as neutral and work, so they can do the same and go the right path.

Even if in future I am no more, they will always look upto me and take me as an example to work even in the worst of the days. I remember them looking at me working when I was having Dengue, and they understood what loving your work really is.

Next comes the Goals.

Like every child, I have my own dreams, ambitions and goals. I have visualized a luxurious life for my mom, a success party for my friends and a help center or whatever you call it for poor people.

I am just having a lot on my shoulders to worry about than a stupid virus. I have many people as my role models with Steve Jobs and Gary Vaynerchuk topping the list.

I want to become a mix of these two since I want to be a revolutionary entrepreneur, and they are just hands down the best.

The thing I wanted to be in the life is a happy person, but for that I now have to pursue my dreams which is becoming a “successful” entrepreneur.

Lot of people are getting it wrong, but I am following every step to make sure my success is big.

Now, its about the dream I was having frequently from a couple of weeks.

From a couple of weeks, I was having a white snake dream, and was unsure what it was. Now, I know many people will say dreams are this that, etc., but I though to check what it means.

And to my surprise, a white snake in dream means something good is coming, and I see what it can be, I and my loved ones will be safe.

Even though I am not really a spiritual person, I would love to believe it’s true as its making me optimistic.

And finally comes me.

There is a quote I once heard that states – the things you listen to think about rewires your brain. So, if I think that coronavirus will kill, well, then I would be full of negativity. I may leave my work and enjoy my so-called last days playing Netflix and eating popcorn.

But that’s not me. In the beginning of my journey, I made a promise to myself that I will do it even when I don’t want to, and this promise makes me optimistic. Why?

Because I had dreamed of a good life(for everyone else), and I will achieve it no matter what, even if I have to fight a deadly virus going around the streets.

Final words – Staying positive and optimistic is just an art like meditation. For most people, it’s the external world that drives them, but for me its the inner. Believe in the inner you and make sure you are believing in a better tomorrow.