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Sometimes I have to laugh at myself because I apparently have a special gift to be attracted to the place I shouldn’t or when it’s not the “right” time.

In 2012, I was going to the Philippines to spend Christmas there at the moment when a big typhoon just hit the land so I couldn’t get to “my island” as I planned. 

Or when I wanted to sleep overnight in a tent in a northern Finland (behind the Arctic circle) at the place which my husband and I discovered later to be a sacred place where shamans were buried. Without going into the details – we didn’t sleep much that night.

I also hiked in Iceland before the volcano erupted and during the trek, my guts were telling me; “don’t stop here, it’s dangerous” as we were passing over the glacier. Back then I had a vision of red fire around me, and then the glacier under me shook for few seconds. Nothing serious but I very well understood that it’s smart to continue without breaks.

My husband and I got engaged at the foot of Etna, the “Sicilian Dragon” (how I like to call it). Shortly before it erupted in 2015. We also visited Malta’s famous arch in Blue Grotto which is now not existing as it collapsed into the deeps of the sea.

Or now, when I felt we should go to Bali and we’re just about 30 km from the Mt. Agung which should erupt at any moment, and it should be one of the major eruptions lately.

The Earth is shaking beneath us just about hundreds of times a day and yesterday I think I could already call it an earthquake. Although I’ve never experienced any, so I’m not sure of the definition of the earthquake. But, the bed under me was shaking pretty bad.

Strangely I feel very peaceful and have a feeling that it’s safe here. Well, let’s see 🙂

I feel that for some reason I’m supposed to experience these things. Maybe to understand the power of nature or be present at the Earth birthing of the new energy. Who knows but I cannot call it coincidences anymore!

It seems that I have the same “gift” as the women in my lineage being attracted to strange occurrences.

I still trust my intuition, and I know that this is exactly how the life works.

The life happens outside the lines. It happens far away from how it “should” happen. We’re just tiny creatures on Planet Earth, yet our hearts have a loving capacity of the Divine. Our bodies are finite, but our souls never cease to exist. What a world of contrasts yet perfectly balanced in its core!

These moments of faith make me feel excited like nothing else. The life is unpredictable, and it’s raw. This is what I love about it the most.

We can put ourselves into any kind of boxes, physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally, but the life is always greater. It always takes us out of the boxes and shake us thoroughly to wake up!

I’m grateful for any such a moment when the life has shaken me up. Exactly because of that, I feel alive, my heart takes over more and more, and I feel connected with the universe.

That’s exactly why we have these wake-up calls so we see through the illusions of being just a flesh and we feel our true self.

Cherish any of these moments as they would be the most sacred ones. Because they are.

PS. If you like safety maybe it’s not the smartest to travel with me 🙂 

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