Who is the woman who challenges me and recognizes me at the same time? Who dares to disagree with me but never lets our relationship cloud? Who is the one who inspires me in my innermost being, with whom being together brings me to rest after a hard day?

There are so many women who have brought me to the woman I am today.

My mom, for starters, showed me that hard work can go hand in hand with enjoying life. That it’s ok to loosen the belt from time to time. She taught me as a mother that you can let go and love at the same time.

My grandmothers, gifted with big hearts. One taught me the passion of cooking, so many wonderful moments together in her kitchen. The other made me discover books and encouraged me to take the pen in my hand.

Along the way, other beautiful women also crossed my path. A class teacher who inspired me to take the lead, to participate in the student council. It is then that the first ‘leadership’ seed was planted, one of the signposts on my path.

Professionally I am one of the lucky ones, I have a network of amazing people around me.
A colleague with whom the first chat in the coffee corner now brought us to a very nice friendship. She has often been a searchlight in my career.
My former HR Business Partner who became one of my loyal supporters, I know I can always turn to her for advice. It is she who gave me an important push last year, a sincere thank you!

Two of my former co-workers, bursting with potential. In the meantime both have grown professionally, now they are friends to always fall back on – how we look forward to a summer without worries and the first apéro with three in the garden.

Not to forget, also two strong female senior managers: the one who made me trust and use my voice, she gave me confidence at a low point in my professional career. The other who gave me the chance to grow further. She approached me as an equal and above all, allowed me to shine.

Source: unsplash

But the most inspiring woman… I haven’t named her yet. She is short in stature, but big at heart. She’s woven into every fiber of my body. She makes me rise above myself and at the same time makes me vulnerable. She makes me (re)think about the ‘obvious’ answers, looking at her makes me think how wonderfully simple life can be.
She is my daughter, six years old, passionate about life and all the knowledge that can be gathered. More timid than outgoing, a pleaser like me, the helper in our family.

She made me a mama, she is (without doubt) the most important woman in my life.