A note from Megan Meany, SAP TV Global Anchor, to Arianna Huffington.

Dear Arianna,

I visited Thrive Global’s pop-up on Broome today. Just beautiful.

You’re so smart — there’s such a need for this. People are searching for more balance — myself included.

That nap room was TO DIE FOR. Shaggy, snuggly, sensational to the senses.

I loved your daughter’s art — specifically the yellow floral piece.

I sat on the lower level with a dear friend,in the gray egg chairs for nearly an hour — sipped tea and connected. We so enjoyed it amidst the pressure of Christmas shopping and end of year work demands.

I loved hearing your soothing voice and lovely accent coming from the speaker: “good night Instagram.”

Congrats and have a wonderful holiday.


Photo by Edd Ziskin

Originally published at medium.com