I wake up in the morning

I throw a huge smile into the mirror

Get ready and walk to the car

Put on my favorite song

And sing along out loud

From home all the way to workplace

Say hi or good morning to my coworkers

With a big smile on my face

Go to my desk

Sign into the computer

Walk to the break room

Get myself a hot coffee

With French Vanilla flavor

Come back to my desk

Sit down and begin my work

With a good and positive mood

So how was your typical day look like?


  • Chanda Mang

    Accounting Undergrad,Healer, Writer, Mentor

    I am currently a part time student at University of Houston - Downtown. While still pursuing my degree in Accounting, I found a lot of thing around my life, what I want to do, get to know my purpose to live for, the dreams to wake up to make it happen each day, and passion to follow. I just want to give a piece of my idea, my experienced throughout of my life to the world, and those who need to hear. Life is not perfect as we think and make a plan for, but we have a choice to make it happen the way we want to. I have a strong believe that if you find your true self, you will enjoy your life more than you ever did. So I want to be a healer, a mentor, an adviser, a businesswoman some day, and I willing to help those who seeking for a better word to change their expectation of life, guide those young woman, and young girl who still find their true beauty in themselves. I hope that my words, my story, and my own experienced will help to shape some people's life, and live their like the way I chose to live mine as well.