I did not travel.

I did not see my biological family.

I did not shop.

I did not hang a single holiday decoration.

I cooked nothing.

And it was divine. To say my Thanksgiving was glorious would be too small a word to describe what I experienced and accomplished over the long holiday weekend. It was so transformative that it is worth sharing.

I began my Thanksgiving Day with spirited PHONE CALLS with my mother and loving sisters. I heard all about their preparation and experienced their love via pictures in group chat.  GLORIOUS!

My next stop on my Thanksgiving journey included a trip to a day spa, where I lounged around in a comfortable bathroom for HOURS with a couple of friends. I even treated myself to a body scrub and shameless dating stories over mimosas. GLORIOUS!

My final stop on Thanksgiving Day was a festive dinner with my lovely, locally curated family.  It was a blast! Instead of winding myself all up about what dish I would prepare, I decided to bring a lovely pecan tart from my local bakery. This was a huge step in simply enjoying the holiday for a woman with both a custom kitchen aid and matching aprons.  GLORIOUS!

Now, get ready for the next level stuff. I spent the rest of the holiday weekend in various styles of pajamas preparing for the new decade. Did I mention it was GLORIOUS?

I first organized my personal and professional life. I shredded old papers, filed important documents and most importantly recycled or trashed things that reminded me of past hurts or failures. I am looking at you… Dream job offer letter that ended up being a nightmare. GLORIOUS!

How I feel I looked after crushing Thanksgiving weekend. Photo credit @rubysomeradesignstudio

I had a surge in organizational energy and unleashed it on my closet. I was holding clothing hostage from a skinnier era in my life.  Rather than hold on to the body of years past, I love the body that I am currently in and will find a good home for those clothes and accessories.  As I make my triumphant return to my peak performance body, I will celebrate with all new clothes.  GLORIOUS and I have more closet space.

If you thought the first few parts of my Thanksgiving were noteworthy, wait until I tell you this last part.  I expanded to my digital life too. I deleted old text messages and photos from my phone that didn’t hold a place in the life I am creating. I am looking at you… photos of my ex that broke my heart not once, but twice (because I didn’t learn the first time). I uninstalled apps that I don’t use and set up a new habit on my phone.  It now goes to “Good Night” mode at 10 pm. The ringer and alerts shut off until I wake up in the morning. GLORIOUS!

With all this newfound space, I felt like I could constructively review 2019 and start planning for 2020.  As I was shredding years of papers, I thought about my biggest accomplishments of 2019 and my biggest upsets.  What did I learn from both of those categories?  I landed on the feelings that I want to experience with wild abandon in 2020 and beyond.  GLORIOUS freedom!  That’s it.

I am truly grateful for my Thanksgiving Weekend. It was such a gift of self-love, forgiveness, and clarity. I felt more empowered by this purging to make room for new opportunities, new love, and new freedom in the new decade. I am so glad that I politely passed on the holiday hustle and bustle to slow down, recalibrate, reassess and reenergize.

I am certain the next decade will be… GLORIOUS!