All my life I described myself as an introvert, others told me I am one, and many people I socialised kept reaffirming that I am one. I adopted this label without ever questioning the validity of it, I just simply submitted to what I was told. As a result, I avoided people, social situations, and being able to interact freely with people at home and at work.

Many of us continue to live the illusions of the many labels that we wear on daily basis. Some of us, when adversity, challenges, and problems come our way, as I learned from studying and applying the TJS Evolutionary Method to heal my life, we can see this as an opportunity to learn exactly what is needed to bring us back into discovering the true essence of who we really are.

It is in this journey of inner work that we can learn to lead lives of inspiration, greatness, wellness, and peace not just for ourselves but to inspire action in everyone around us.

You may be asking yourself what led me to live extremely introverted, sheltered, fearful and a life full of many self-protecting, self-defence and ultimately self-destructive thought processes and behavioural patterns.

A lot….I once lived in a cocoon filled with self-pity, shame, guilt, fear and many other debilitating emotions that ruled my daily life. As a result, I believed it was best to protect myself from others and then to protect others from myself. I created a cocoon that kept me in a false state of safety.

In October 1993, OCD entered into my conscious mind and my entire being. For 1st 8 months, I told no-one of what I was suffering or going through not even my parents who I lived with at the time. My loneliness silently was eating my entire being. Eventually, the pain became too much though and I asked for help, which came via NHS Mental Health System.

I was lucky though to be diagnosed with OCD after 8 months whilst high proportion of sufferers on average wait 15 years for OCD diagnosis. OCD is ranked in the Top Ten of any debilitating illness Worldwide, whether it is Mental, Emotional or Physical. Currently, studies show there are estimated 750 million people Globally suffering from OCD a truly mind boggling figure that equates approx. to 1/10 of entire population of our planet of over 7 Billion.

Through many difficult periods, times and daily struggles in my life, I made a personal decision to eventually move away from NHS Mental Health Treatments to begin working with World’s Greatest Coach, International Award Winning Author and Best Seller of 2 Books, A Path to Wisdom and #Loneliness The Virus of the Modern Age, Tony Jeton Selimi.

Working with him in the last 4 years has taken me to deep waters of my subconscious mind that I feared to go in all my life. He took me on an inner self discovery journey that helped me address beliefs, attitudes, behaviours, and the reasons I kept giving myself that kept me sunk into what Tony call’s it in his book #Loneliness the “Caves of Wretched Solitude”.

This journey is like no other one I have ever experienced. There were times where my mind wanted to give up, when I was afraid I did not have the money to pay for the sessions, and that I will fall back into the caves of solitude.

Despite my doubts, fears, and money worries, I learned through working with Tony that when we truly desire something, we take the steps to align our actions with that on a daily basis, and we commit to remain consistent in our actions, miracles do happen. At the beginning I was doubtful on Tony’s simple, yet very powerful method of coaching and teaching the inner workings of our body.

What happened with time is what I know now is a “Miracle”. The basis of Tony’s TJS Evolutionary Method is this “When you acknowledge Love, you create miracles”. The more I learned how to apply Tony’s method to cure my OCD and listen to my thoughts, beliefs, and values, the more I allowed myself to break free, from many old beliefs and shake loose shackles which held me in same painful, silent, introverted space, prolonging my suffering each and every day for previous 2 decades.

My life prior to my coaching with Tony was introverted one and back then I thought this was the best way for me to live this way forever. Little did I know or was I aware of the impacts this was having on my entire being and everyone around me also. For in truth, I was the dis-empowered OCD sufferer, but I am now empowered and aware how my entire family suffered, as did my friends and work colleagues.

These are the deeper positive effects that resulted from committing to work with what is Tony also known as The See-through Coach. This title truly describes him, as he is able to see through you and find the root cause of all of one’s life or business problems.

I am now fully consciously aware of my participation in creating OCD, since working with him as my coach, I am opening myself to new experiences and levels of conscious awareness and awakenings that were never in my sphere of awareness before. In turn, these experiences with Tony have allowed me to create results never seen before and I believe his methodology and teachings will create more conscious leaders, teachers and healers on our planet who will create New Paradigms of thinking that will in time truly benefit Millions & Billions.

Imagine what our world would look like if they too discovered so much more about themselves just as I am discovering so much more about myself?

The differences in me since I committed to do this deeper work with Tony are astounding. As I become less introverted, I opened myself to connect authentically with others at many levels in society, at home and at work.

I talk more openly with family members, friends, work colleagues and in return people are now contacting me out of the blue via many forms of getting in touch, whether it is Facebook or other social media both at home and work. Through learning of transparently sharing my OCD journey with the world, I have now created a following of 100,000 globally which continues to grow into a figure which far exceeds many Global businesses employing tens of thousands and I am just 1 man.

With clarity I see now why everyone wants to be in Tony’s presence and have him as a coach, teacher, or healer. Love he radiates and is teaching me to unleash in myself is enabling me to grow continuously in all of the eight key areas of life. More importantly, to me, these figures 100,000 are not merely figures, they are people with their own thoughts and feelings that are on a similar journey. Learning to love myself is also making me aware for me to take into consideration their well-being before I write articles such as this.

For my hearts calling is for each Article I write is to inspire, challenge and support others who are in a similar health positions I have found myself in many times, are struggling with daily life, and are in need of direction.

Check out Tony’s chapter Choices=Direction Your Life is Going that he kindly shares for FREE on sound cloud. You can listen, learn, and share it by going to:  If you love what you hear I strongly encourage you to download both of his Audio Books and if you can buy one for a friend, colleague as their birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or simply a thank you present. I know they will thank you for that.

Words are powerful, as I learned from Tony they can both ‘Create and Destroy’ life, people, situations, friendship, business deals, and pretty much all we experience. They leave many long-lasting damaging affects in both personal and professional relationships as I have found to my cost. A cost I am sure all of you reading this have discovered also at one time or another and sometime the cost is unrepairable causing pain and suffering for all concerned.

Co-creation of this platform to share what is simply my story came through Tony’s teaching and guidance. I am sure if you are ready to change your life or create a conscious shift within your business or leadership team, then my wholehearted recommendation is to book a consultation with Tony asap and bring him to speak at your business or event.

His presence, wisdom, and metaphors will elevate you to a new level of awareness. Working with Tony will lead to a greater clarity, awareness, levels of happiness, and reach out a client base with whom you can provide your magnificent services too.

Intrigued? Wanting to know more, then begin by reading his international award-winning books A Path to Wisdom where you can learn more about TJS Evolutionary method and his other book #Loneliness where he teaches you how to turn life adversities into nectar for prosperity and heart based living. You may contact Tony directly via for an initial clarity coaching consultation or to book him for your business or speak at your event.

You’d love to do the same as well I am sure for your family, friends, company you work for or personal business, what’s stopping you? Make that call, bring these experiences such as I have into your personal reality, believe me you’ll love the results you are going to create.

Once again, I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for reading my latest article, I trust it inspires you into action.

With love and respect,

Paul McMonagle