Life often seems to throw a myriad of obstacles in front of us and how we respond to ever-increasing pressures can make a big difference to health and well-being. Consider a time when you have reacted with anger or fear to a sudden stressful situation, afterward, you may have been filled with regret or simply felt exhausted. Ongoing stress can impact health. Understanding wellness generally is important because then we can work more quickly on those elements which threaten to impinge on our state of being. These factors will be different for everyone and so, inviting wellness into your life means looking at your life as a whole. We can be fragile at times and swayed by the challenges of life and so, we must do what we can to strengthen the mind and body so to develop resilience.

The quest for happiness

The state of happiness is not a given. I came to the conclusion that as we age, it’s possible to lose our ability to just be in the moment and to achieve a happy state without worrying about other elements. Sometimes, we forget all that we have, and we lose our gratitude for it. We focus on elements that are just not important. When we are happy, it helps us to offset stress. We release tension and life is worth living. There is a sense of freedom gained when we achieve that happy state. To be happy, we must make a conscious effort to alter negative thoughts and feelings, so to break that cycle of anxiety or gloom. Being more compassionate with yourself and with others helps emotionally and physically. If you are happy, those around you will be too. Try it. Let go of self-defeating thoughts and instead, embrace your personal inner joy.

Automate your finances

Managing finances can be difficult. Many people struggle, juggling with it throughout the month and then, breathe a sigh of relief when they realize that their incoming finances are greater than their outgoings. For many, this is both challenging and stressful. We are often our own worst enemies and develop unhealthy associations with money. Getting a grip on the spending can free up some cash and this enables you to automate finances putting some by regularly. This needs to be an amount you are not going to depend on but once you have started to automatically put that money aside, you won’t miss it.

You deserve to be rich

Taking control of money may not always be easy but, eradicating any inner fears associated with the finances is vital. This can be as simple as developing a positive mindset and understanding where any difficulties arise. Sometimes, it can be as simple as growing up in a family where the money is in short supply, this can create the same cycle in later life. There’s no doubt that having a poor association with money will not make financial endeavors easier. It’s as simple as this if you think that you are not good with money, then you won’t be. It is true that planning the finances can be complex and in some cases, assistance is required but a clear mind and a dedicated approach to your monthly wage can make it a far easier prospect

Invest your spare change

We use what money we have. If it’s to hand, we spend it. Try this, save some of that loose change, turn out your pockets or purse and decide to put that money for a special occasion or if saving for something important. You will be surprised by how quickly that spare change becomes something substantial. I tried this and soon was banking hundreds and yet, that money would have been squandered.

You are what you eat 

If you have ever skimped on your meals, know this, you are doing your health a disservice. When we eat, food acts as fuel but it does much more than this. Our food contains phytochemicals, micronutrients, water and more. We need the full range of vitamins and minerals to build bones and to help the blood to clot and to regulate blood pressure. Muscle and nerve function must be strong as well as keeping the heart functioning efficiently. The body is complex, and we must cater for this complexity when it comes to eating and drinking. Every part of the body requires good nutrients, but health goes beyond this. Think of the body as being a well-oiled machine, this means stretching and taking time to keep the body fit and healthy. You’ll feel better if you take a little time and effort.

Health concerns make you a liability

Have you ever noticed how easily anxiety becomes a part of normal life? Take some time to work out those elements that affect you. Do you overthink things or perhaps you have health concerns? Take my word for it, unresolved issues can easily escalate. Tackle each issue as they arise. Write them down and take them out of your mind and capture them to paper. Once they are in black and white, they become a tangible and easier problem to resolve because your mind is clearer.

Make reading a regular habit

Do you ever have much downtime? Reading is a wonderful way in which to escape from the stresses of the day and to lose yourself in the pages of a good book. It is about having some quality ‘you’ time. Whether enjoying a work of fiction or, reading a non-fiction book, expand the mind.

Set your alarm clock earlier

It’s all too easy to let the day slip away. If you don’t sleep well, the temptation to lie in will be strong. A lack of motivation or drive can also lead to lying in and procrastinating the day away. I found setting up a schedule ready for the day gave me a reason to start the day earlier. If you wake up earlier and have something to work towards, there is clarity of mind and greater enthusiasm. You become more productive and energized and that feels good.

Practice self-care

You are important. You deserve to look after yourself and to have the quality of life and this means finding some time just for you. Whether spending time with friends and family or just having time to yourself, it can clear the mind, create space between the thoughts and invite in peace and inner harmony. 

Every aspect of life is important, from nutrition to relaxation, from family life to work pressures. Sometimes, life will be overwhelming and when this happens, you have temporarily lost control. Always keep this in mind, that overwhelm is temporary and you can do much to change this. As soon as you take back control, life will become more fulfilling.