My Digital Footprint

I was recently at a networking event when somebody stepped by saying: “Hey I know you although I see you for the first time now. I follow you on LinkedIn. Every time you post something it catches my attention. You have powerful online presence.” A feeling of satisfaction and a big smile appeared on my face. “Wow, thank you.” I responded back. This was not the first time that somebody said it to me. Couple of months ago I was even stopped on the street when somebody who recognized me opened the window of their car and asked: “Are you Snezana? I know you from LinkedIn.”

This kind or reactions make me feel remembered and appreciated for what I do and how I do it. As the IBM CEO Ginny Rometty once said “Your value is not determined by how much you know, but by how much you share.” And I always do my best to share things I believe other people will find valuable so they could learn from them, or get inspired, or be challenged to think, or even get motivated to take an action. In this time of digital revolution one part of the heritage we leave behind will exactly be that: our digital footprint.


I love technology. Since very early age I showed interest for tech. I was curious and I always wanted to know how the TV works and how it is inside, trying to understand what drives it and how the connections and interfaces between different parts work. Later on when I had to decide what to study the decision was not difficult at all. I studied computer science at the faculty of electrical engineering. And since then I am an IT professional with more than 17 years of working experience, and 12 of them working for one of the most innovative tech company in the world, the big blue. In all these years I have worked on many projects in various domains and industries. Every project was different, and every project was an opportunity for me to learn new things and gain new experience. My analytical capabilities and ability to understand the logic behind has made me successful in what I do. Tech is a dynamic area with lots of new developments continuously creating new solutions and products. I strongly believe that technology is here to make our lives easier, better and more meaningful, because tech can solve not only many practical but also crucial problems and in that way make the world a better place for everyone.

Sustainable Development and Gender Equality

In the age where technology is developing very fast, nobody takes into consideration the downsides of it: unbalanced economic growth including the impact on people’s well-being and environment. Looking back at its definition, sustainable development is defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Therefore, to have sustainable development of the world we need to change our vision for the future of the world and we need to take responsibility towards providing more value to the resources then to the profit.

Women form 50% of the world population. But looking at the current women’s representation in various sectors and industries the situation is very disappointing. Only 10-15% of the people in tech are women, 17% of the full professors in academia are women, when we talk women in politics 23% of the parliamentarians are women, and only 20% of the top management positions are held by women. The data proves that the tech, business, academia, politics and many other sectors are all ruled by the men. We can’t talk sustainable development of the world without including everyone’s needs. If we don’t put effort to have equal opportunity for education and career development for every women or girl in the world no matter of their culture, religion or ethnical background we run the risk to leave half of the population behind. Economically empowered women mean not only strong economy but also socially developed countries. In this world where rules are defined by the men, we all need to put effort to redefine them, because only then we can have conditions that meet the needs of both genders.

This is exactly my motivation why I have become an advocate for gender equality and women’s economic empowerment. Being active online and in the local communities I have actively participated in a number of campaigns, organized various events, have been involved in many discussions and been active as a speaker. Because it all starts with building awareness and making people aware, and even then take another appropriate actions.

My greater purpose

My life has not always been nice to me and many times I have been going through difficult periods. Ups and downs. Sometimes because of my own mistakes and sometimes because of circumstances that I could not influence. Many people have come in and come out of my life, some of them to create unforgettable moments, but some of them to teach me some valuable lessons. I would have never become who I am now if I wasn’t so persistent and dedicated to my greater purpose: my personal growth. Very often I have been so bold and have faced the challenges straight into their faces. I have feared, and I have done the things anyway. Who would I have become if I didn’t have the passion to lead and be the leader of my life, to go through the situations believing in myself: I can and I will. My life is a journey, and more I listen to my heart closer I am to my true-self.

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